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The Basics

The 3D model can be simply manipulated using finger gestures: spread to zoom in; drag two fingers to pan; pinch to zoom out; and drag to rotate.
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Isolating Structures

When a structure has been isolated, further features and information become available. Make notes and hear an audio pronunciation for that specific structure. The structure may also be examined from a number of preset views.
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Select label using dynamic search function in English or Latin and be taken directly to that structure.
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Control Menu

Make detailed selections on which systems and structures are visible.
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Add your own 3D pins to highlight areas in the model for quick reference.
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Home & Reset

Return the model to its original position on screen with Home, and use Reset to restore all hidden structures on the model.
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Released June 29, 2016
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  • Refinement: Bug Fix to resolve random crash
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