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The Basics

The 3D model can be simply manipulated using finger gestures: spread to zoom in; drag two fingers to pan; pinch to zoom out; and drag to rotate.
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The slice tool affords the ability to slice through a structure(s) via a 3D plane. The tool becomes accessible when a structure is in Isolate mode.
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Turning Systems on/off

There are eleven systems in Essential Anatomy. Clever functionality found within the app allows the user to strip away layers of muscle via the 'layering' tool.
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Store any scene by bookmarking it and access predefined views. Return to scene at any time by selecting it in the bookmark menu. Rename, reorder and delete your bookmarks using the Edit function.
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Isolating Structures

When a structure has been isolated, further features and information become available. Make notes and hear an audio pronunciation for that specific structure. The structure may also be examined from a number of preset views.
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Male & Female Models

Switch between Male and Female models at the touch of a button.
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Released June 29, 2016
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  • Refinement: Bug Fix to resolve random crash
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