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Introduction to Complete Heart

with Edel Lynch

Discover Complete Heart, the most detailed animated 3D heart model ever created. Learn how to control the heart to examine each stage of a heartbeat, and hide or fade structures to see the internal workings. Go deeper into the anatomy with the blood vessels 3D model. Access a library of videos covering cardiac conditions and associated procedures in detail. Make use of the included Course, Screens, and Recordings covering cardiac anatomy. Plus, try it for free with a three-day trial.

Edel Lynch

Edel Lynch is Medical Education Lead at 3D4Medical, working closely with education partners and clients to provide groundbreaking solutions for anatomical education.
BST 17:00,
30 Nov
US Eastern 12:00,
30 Nov
US Pacific 09:00,
30 Nov
Tokyo 01:00,
1 Dec

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