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Beating Heart

Watch the heart beat in real time as your explore the model, and see all the workings of the heart in action.
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Cut through the model to explore the relationships between structures, and even simulate surgical procedures.
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Navigating the Model

Get started with the 3D anatomical model by learning how to rotate, zoom, pan and select.
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Blood Vessel Model

Explore a highly detailed view of the blood vessels, getting an even deeper view of the circulatory system.
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Select multiple structures together to apply view options or to explode them.
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Virtually place the model into your real life environment. (Available on iPad Pro and iPad (2017) running iOS 11)
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Released November 30, 2017
How do I update?
  • Origin Path: Trace the path of an artery back to its origin, isolate it, or view in the context of the full model. Learn more
  • Explode: Multiselect and separate structures to gain greater understanding of their connections, even while beating! Learn more
  • Cut Between: Draw two lines on the model to cut the space between them. Learn more
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements.
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How much does Complete Heart cost?

The app is free to download, with access to the Pericardium and Outer Fascia of the heart. Register a free 3D4Medical Account to access a selection of the app’s Tools and collaboration features, and for a free trial of the app’s full model and features.

To gain permanent access to the full anatomical model, including 6 body systems, along with the full range of Tools and sharing features, you can upgrade with an in-app purchase.

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How many systems are included in Complete Heart?

Complete Heart includes two organs: a full model of the heart, including three layers and a beating animation; and the lungs, which include two layers for easy navigation.

Four systems are also included: the thoracic cage in the skeletal system; the cardiac conduction system and related nerves in the nervous system; and the arterial and venous systems across the full body.

A mini anatomy model of blood vessels is also featured.

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What devices is Complete Heart compatible with?

The app is currently compatible with iPad (2017), iPad Pro (all models), iPad Air (all models), and iPad Mini 4. iOS 11 is required on all iPads. Complete Heart can be used on Mac computers running macOS 10.12 and later with 64-bit processors.

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