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How many systems are included in Complete Heart?

Complete Heart includes two organs: a full model of the heart, including three layers and a beating animation; and the lungs, which include two layers for easy navigation.

Four systems are also included: the thoracic cage in the skeletal system; the cardiac conduction system and related nerves in the nervous system; and the arterial and venous systems across the full body.

A mini anatomy model of blood vessels is also featured.

What is the difference between Complete Heart and Heart Pro III?

Complete Heart provides an experience that makes the use of modern technologies, including a fully 3D beating heart model, surrounding structures, interactive features, and new learning experiences. Heart Pro III offers a condensed heart model, and greater compatibility with older devices.

Can I export content, such as images, from Complete Heart?

Unfortunately this is not possible. However you can share all content with fellow Complete Heart users via the Groups feature.


How much does Complete Heart cost?

The app is free to download, with access to the Pericardium and Outer Fascia of the heart. Register a free 3D4Medical Account to access a selection of the app’s Tools and collaboration features, and for a free trial of the app’s full model and features. To gain permanent access to the full anatomical model, including 6 body systems, along with the full range of Tools and sharing features, you can upgrade with an in-app purchase.

If I purchase the iOS version, can I access Complete Heart on my Mac (and vice versa)?

If you’d like to run the app on your iOS and Mac device, separate purchases are necessary. The reason for this is that each app runs on a completely different software platform. Because of this, apps for each platform have to be developed from the ground up and sold separately through their respective platform stores. However, if you have purchased one version, you can avail of a 50% discount off the original price of other versions.


What devices is Complete Heart compatible with?

The app is currently compatible with iPad (2017), iPad Pro (all models), iPad Air (all models), and iPad Mini 4. iOS 11 is required on all iPads. Complete Heart can be used on Mac computers running macOS 10.12 and later with 64-bit processors.

Do I need an internet connection to use Complete Heart?

You will need an internet connection initially to log in and sync all of the Library content (Courses, Screens, Recordings, and Quizzes). However, once synced, you can use the app offline and your created content will sync to the cloud next time your device is online. Videos included in Complete Heart require an internet connection to be viewed.

Do you have a Windows version of Complete Heart?

Complete Heart is available from the Microsoft Store. Download it and begin your free 3-day trial.

Do you have an Android version of Complete Heart?

Unfortunately we don’t.


I’ve paid for the in-app upgrade but I still cannot access Complete Heart premium content.

Please be sure you are logged into your profile to access the app’s premium content. To login, tap on the green “Profile” icon in the Main Menu on the right-hand side of the screen, and follow the login instructions.

Why can’t I see my Groups from Complete Anatomy?

Groups from Complete Anatomy are not currently accessible from Complete Heart (and vice versa). This is to ensure that everybody in your Group can access content that is compatible with their app.

Videos won’t play for me in Complete Heart.

Please ensure that your device has an active internet connection, as these videos are streamed to your device to save storage space. Library content, such as Courses or Screens, remain accessible offline once they have been synced to your device.

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