Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in 3D

Hi, I’m Laura Whitney, medical writer at 3D4Medical! Today we’re going to look at a common condition called Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Did you ever get a sharp, shooting pain through your wrist when you’re doing something like typing or writing? Carpal Syndrome commonly affects people who are prone to repetitive activities. Let’s take a look at Complete Anatomy for more information!

The Median nerve is the only nerve of the hand to run under the flexor retinaculum, and innervate the thumb, forefinger and middle finger. Sometimes this region can become swollen, and the nerve can become trapped or compressed, leading to pain and numbness in these fingers that’s associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

So next time you feel this pain in your hand, or if you’ve been experiencing it for quite some time, maybe it’s worth paying a trip to your doctor.

Introducing Preferences: the new way to customize your workspace

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Sort Infobox items

Are you always using the muscle motion feature? Or maybe bony landmarks are your thing? Whatever you’re into, you can order your Infobox items so that the content you use most is always instantly accessible. Simply drag and drop to arrange in the order which suits you best.

Choose active features

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Light/Dark mode

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Beating heart

Whether you want to add 3D notes, or simply get a closer look of that Papillary muscle, there are times when you might want to switch off the beating heart. In Preferences, you can do this with the flick of a switch, and just as easily turn it back on when you’re done.

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