Types of hysterectomy

Healthy anatomy vs. Pathologies in female reproductive anatomy

In terms of medical terminology “hyster” refers to the uterus and “ectomy” refers to the surgical removal of. Therefore, a hysterectomy is the removal of the uterus and most likely the cervix. Depending on the circumstances other tissues may also be removed in this procedure. In this post we will focus in on the four […]READ POST

Ghastly procedures from the past

Ghastly procedures from the past

Throughout history medicine has had some questionable procedures that were carried out on numerous patients. Today most of these procedures can be compared more to torture than an actual cure. In the spirit of Halloween and all things spooky, here are some examples of procedures that thankfully went out of favor.    Lobotomy- The neurologist Antonio […]READ POST

Myth: do different parts of the tongue taste the different flavors?

Use the Complete Anatomy micro model to visualize the taste receptors on the tongue

Have you ever seen an image of the tongue separating different regions to different flavors? This taste map designates areas such as the front to tasting sweet flavours. Meanwhile salty and sour are on the sides and bitter in the back. This mapping is however, a myth. In fact, chemosensory scientists debunked it long ago. […]READ POST

Types of contraception

Types of contraception

Today marks World Contraception Day. Let’s explore the different types of contraception.  The first type of contraception is a physical barrier that prevents the sperm interacting with the egg. These include condoms and the diaphragm. Male condoms are worn on the penis to prevent the sperm being released into the vagina. Female condoms are placed […]READ POST

Cauliflower Ear

Learn more about the anatomy of cauliflower ear

Auricular hematoma, more commonly known as cauliflower ear, describes the lumpy, deformed appearance of the ear. This is usually caused by blunt trauma to the outer ear. It is common in close-contact sports such as boxing, wrestling and rugby.   The outer ear includes the auricle and the external acoustic meatus, or auditory canal. The auricle […]READ POST

How Wildfire Smoke Can Affect Your Lung Health

How wildfire smoke can affect your lung health

With the current forest fire outbreaks around the world, let’s examine how wildfire smoke can affect your health.   Wildfire smoke releases a number of pollutants that irritate our lungs. For example, particle pollution found in smoke can lodge itself deep within our lungs, causing asthma attacks, heart attacks, strokes and even death. Wildfires also release […]READ POST

Understanding the Different Types of Ovarian Cancer

Understanding the different types of ovarian cancer

The risk of a woman getting ovarian cancer during her lifetime is about 1 in 78. Ovarian cancer is when normal cells in the ovary change and start to rapidly grow to form a tumour. Because the ovaries sit near other pelvic organs such as the bladder and bowel, the cancer can affect these organs and […]READ POST

The effects of wearing high heels

Effects of wearing high heels

Many of us are familiar with the iconic Barbie high heel and would wear high heels ourselves. But have you ever thought of how your anatomy is affected by wearing high heels?  Many parts of your body are impacted by high heels. Most obviously, your feet are put into an unnatural position. In fact, the […]READ POST

National Different Coloured Eyes Day

National Different Coloured Eyes Day

July 12th marks National Different Coloured Eyes Day. Let’s explore where your eye colour comes from and how individuals can have different coloured eyes.  The colour of your eyes comes from the iris. Located posterior to the cornea and anterior to the lens, the iris is a muscular, ring-shaped structure that surrounds the pupil. The […]READ POST

Anatomy of a Kiss

Discover the anatomy of a kiss

July 6th marks International Kissing Day! Often, we don’t think about what goes into this simple way of showing affection, but in reality a lot happens underneath the skin when it comes to puckering up. The main muscle involved in kissing is your orbicularis oris. This is the muscle that outlines the mouth and changes […]READ POST