Meet student Jeremy at the University of Buckingham

As an anatomy student at the University of Buckingham, Jeremy Lin is learning through 3D anatomy in both his lecture theater and labs. In this short video, he tells us how Complete Anatomy has transformed how anatomy is taught in his classroom.

“What we used to have was textbooks — 2D images and words. And as valuable as that is, Complete Anatomy really takes that to another level.

With Complete Anatomy, our lecturer can create specific screens relevant to our curriculum, and then share them with her University Group, where all the students in our class are able to get them instantaneously once she sends them.

The biggest advantage I can see for medical institutions to implement Complete Anatomy in their learning is that all the information that Complete Anatomy provides is not all that’s available because you can make content specific to your course. And that’s extremely valuable to ensuring that the content that’s available for the students is really the most valuable content that they can get their hands on.

As a student, I totally recommend Complete Anatomy to institutions. I think it’s an incredibly valuable learning resource, and it’s the next step where medical education is going.”

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