Library Options

Access extra editing and sharing options for your Library items.

Item Options

Item Options

To access the options for an individual item, select the colored tab that appears on the item’s thumbnail. The options bar will open.

Copy to Group

Choose to share the item with the members of a group that you are a member of.


Change an item, and choose to replace it or save a new version.


Remove the item from your Library by hitting the Delete button. Note that if you have shared the item with other users, they will still have access to the item in their libraries.



Select multiple items to apply options to the group together. Begin multiselection by holding down on an item for a couple of seconds. Alternatively, open the options bar on an item. After using either method, select more items by tapping on them.

Multiselect Bar

When multiple items are selected together, the multiselect bar will appear. From it, you can choose to share the selected items with a group, or to delete the items from your Library.

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