Infobox Overview

Learn about selecting from the model, view options, and system-specific functions.

Accessing the Infobox

The Infobox appears when structures on the model are selected, and contains detailed information about those structures. The title of the structure appears at the top of the infobox in English and Latin.

Alternative Names

If your selected structure has eponymous or alternative names, three dots will be displayed under the structure title. Select these dots to see those other names.


Underneath the title you will see information on the structure. If you have selected a vein or artery, the option to view the structure’s Origin Path will also be visible.

Preset Views

At the bottom of the panel you can access preset views of the selection using the thumbnails displayed.

View Options

On the right-hand side of the infobox are the View Options. These allow you to customise your view of the selection with a number of different effects. To undo any of the view options, simply tap that option’s button again. Alternatively, you can reset the views of all structure in a system using the Systems Menu, or reset all structures (including Tool edits) using the Reset button.

View Options: Hide

Hide removes the selected structure from view.

View Options: Fade

Fade makes the selected structure semi-transparent.

View Options: Hide Others

Hide Others hides all other structures from view.

View Options: Fade Others

Fade Others fades all other visible structures

View Options: Isolate

Isolate brings you into Isolate mode, allowing you to view your selection in detail without additional structures. Tap the Back button to return to the main screen.


Multiselect allows you to group structures together for quicker navigation, and also allow you to apply View Options to the whole group at once.

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