Remote teaching with Complete Anatomy – The 2 minute guide

Get teaching remotely in no time with Complete Anatomy!

1. Make a Group

Start by opening the Sharing Space in the app and Create a Group.Give your Group a name and add a picture to help you find it. Then enter the emails of your students and invite them to join the group.

You’re all set! All that’s left now is to share some learning material.

2. Share content

Head over to your Content space and select the content you’d like to share. Long-press to multi select. Choose “COPY TO GROUP” and then select your Group from the list. You can also add Videos.

All done! Check out what your students see at any time by jumping into your filters and selecting your class group. There you will see all of the content you have shared with the Group.

To learn about using Complete Anatomy for remote teaching, check out our video on creating Courses from Lectures.

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