NEW: Detailed Clitoris & Ovarian Cycle

3D model of the penis, 3D model of the clitoris and 3D model of the ovarian cycle

Our new gross model is the most advanced 3D depiction of the female body on the market, but for some tissues and organs, a gross model just isn’t enough to teach a level of important detail that we believe is lacking in currently available resources. This December, we release 2 new detailed models on the platform; the Ovarian Cycle and the Cross Section of Penis & Clitoris. Want to understand the structure, form, and function of these important organs without a lab or a microscope? Now you can with our exquisitely detailed models depicting the form and function of these organs. 

Ovarian Cycle 

3D model of the ovarian cycle showing the process of oogenesis including the corpus albicans and corpus luteum

Understand the composition of the ovary and follow the process of oogenesis with our ovary detailed model. This unique 3D visualization of the ovary depicts different stages in the process of oocyte development, all in one succinct model. Learn about the hormones that stimulate each phase and understand how the cycle coordinates with the menstrual cycle. From theca interna cells to the corpus albicans, this model explains all you need to know about what goes on inside an ovary.  

Cross Section of Penis & Clitoris 

3D model comparing a cross section of the penis with a cross section of the clitoris

Compare and contrast the tissues that make up both the penis and the clitoris and understand the similarities originating from their shared embryological development. For example, notice the inclusion of the male urinary system in the penis cross section, but the exclusion of it in the female clitoris. All comes as a result from when they start to differ embryologically. With this model you can gain a better understanding of the neurovasculature that supplies each of these organs in a clear and easy way.

Bring female tissues and organs into focus with our NEW detailed models, part of our ever-expanding collection of models that detail the minute aspects of human anatomy, including the Eye, Blood and Cochlea.

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