How we’re developing the world’s most advanced 3D female anatomy model

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Just as we’ve done with the male model, we are currently developing the most advanced 3D anatomical representation of the female body ever created.

This takes time

Research methodologies used in developing the female model
Research methodologies used in developing the female model

The male and female anatomies are distinctly different, across every single region; therefore, we are building our female model from scratch – not simply taking parts of the male model that are similar and adding female parts. This intense development process involves a deep level of research by our medical and 3D teams, using the latest scientific literature and medical imaging data.

A social and scientific project

Differences between the male and female bony pelvises
There are distinct differences between the male and female bony pelvises

Since the project’s inception, we have been intensely researching many different fields in order to obtain the highest level of accuracy. This is not just a scientific endeavour, but a social one; alongside radiological images and measurements of real human bones, we interviewed real women to ensure that their voices are present in the development of this project.

Development timeline of the female model

Summer 2017

Detailed bone measurements

Work begins on the female pelvic prosection, beginning with detailed bone measurements.

Fall 2017

Female model musculoskeletal system

The shapes and textures of the musculoskeletal system are initially crafted, including the most accurate representation of the female endopelvic fascia ever made.

Winter 2017

The first version of the Female pelvic prosection is released on the platform.

Spring 2018

Interior reproductive organs of the female model in Complete Anatomy

The remaining interior organs are crafted and textured. 3D4Medical interviews real women in order to create a true-to-life and relatable body image for the female pelvic model.

Fall 2018

Update to the female pelvic prosection in Complete Anatomy

Major update to the Female pelvic prosection goes live, including a vast selection of new structures including the endopelvic fasica.

Summer 2019

The female thorax in Complete Anatomy

The world-leading Female thorax prosection is released on the platform, complete with mammary glands and breast tissue, and including a representation of the superficial thoracic fascia, which houses the breast tissue between superficial and deep layers, with the suspensory retinacula providing support in and between.


3D4Medical will have completed the most detailed and complete anatomical representation of the female human body ever made.

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