Deliver better patient care with these TOP 5 tips

Speed up your workflow today and deliver better patient care with these top 5 tips for professionals.

#1. Recents

Access the Recents Panel on your Hub by pulling it in from the left.  Instantly show content related to common pathologies you see in your practice. All recently viewed models, Screens and Videos are instantly accessible from the Recents Panel.

#2. Search

Using the Search bar from your Hub, immediately find the specific valve or ligament that you are discussing with a patient, in addition to searching ALL other content on the platform. This one’s a real time-saver!

#3. Breadcrumb trail

Quickly obtain information for regions and organs with the breadcrumb trail. Move up or down through different clusters of structures to get different levels of detail. Easily explain acid reflux to your patient by showing them how the digestive system connects.

#4. 3D Rotation

Turn on 3D rotation in your Settings to lay the model in a supine or prone position, ideal for discuss surgical procedures. Simply freely rotate by twisting with 2 fingers.

#5. Keyboard shortcuts

This one’s for our friends on Mac. Instantly open Search in the model view by pressing Command + F, or access the patient education videos with command + 6. Check out our full list of keyboard shortcuts here.

So that’s it folks! These are our top 5 tips for speeding up your workflow with the Professional license. We hope you enjoyed, and if you don’t have Complete Anatomy yet, be sure to try the Professional License for FREE today!

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