Broader representation in Anatomy Atlas screens  

Broader representation in Anatomy Atlas screens  

In November 2021, we took our first step towards equality in anatomy education with our revolutionary full 3D female model. Today, our award-winning platform is taking another step towards broader representation.  

The latest update to our Gray’s inspired 3D atlas highlights the potential of our breath-taking 3D models in a way that you have never seen before. Brand-new visual content brings us one step closer to greater inclusion in anatomy teaching. 

What’s NEW? 

  • A selection of pre-set 3D screens re-imagined using a variety of skin tones and phenotypes. 

The new Atlas Screens are the ideal steppingstones for Educators to diversify their curriculum; providing them with easy access to pre-set inclusive anatomy content. Painstakingly detailed, ultra-realistic 3D Screens offer new angles of discovery and representation in anatomy learning.  

One model, many faces… 

Not seeing what you want or need in our pre-set content? Create a set of inclusive screens with your choice of diverse phenotypes and skin tones.  Use as many combinations as you like to create a truly inclusive, thought-provoking curriculum for your students. 

Students, see human anatomy in a whole new light! Explore the new 3D Atlas Screens and be empowered to create your own. Take your anatomy knowledge and retention to the next level, and gain a broader view on anatomy to prepare for exams and clinical practice. 

So, here is the next step of our continuous evolution to more inclusive learning. We can’t wait to see how you put these new screens into action! 

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