The female model


We've read your messages, seen your tweets, and listened to your calls - we know that you've been waiting for the female anatomy to be included in Complete Anatomy and we'd like to update you on our development work, and how we're working tirelessly to ensure that the Complete Anatomy female model is the best available.

Not taking shortcuts

As you know, our male model contains anatomical detail and accuracy that is second-to-none. Work on the female model has begun and we are determined to achieve the same top-class standards, combining the knowledge and experience that we've gained from the creation of our male model.

The male and female anatomies are vastly different, across every single region; therefore, we are building our female model from scratch - not simply taking parts of the male model that are similar and adding female parts. This intense development process involves a deep level of research by our medical and 3D teams, using the latest scientific literature and medical imaging data.

Pelvic Bone Structure - Anterior View
Pelvic Bone Structure - Posterior View
Pelvic Bone Structure - Inferior View

At 3D4Medical, we are determined to create the world's best and most anatomically-accurate 3D female anatomy model.

At 3D4Medical, we are determined to create the world's best and most anatomically-accurate 3D female anatomy model.

Creative process

One of the most complex differences is the pelvic area and work is underway to ensure the achievement of the correct bone shape and size so that it acts as an accurate scaffold for all other systems, such as muscles, organs and neurovasculature, to fall into place.

We are also designing new textures and preparing new infobox content so that the female model contains as much detail and content as you have come to expect from Complete Anatomy.

Our timeline

We want to get our 3D female model into your hands as quickly as possible so we've decided to release the female model in stages.

In December 2017, we released a basic 3D version of the female pelvic prosection: this model was an improved version of the current 3D model in Essential Anatomy 5. In August 2018, we brought the anatomical accuracy to the next level, with an even more detailed female pelvic model. We plan to continue our work in order to deliver the full female model by fall 2019.

It'll be worth the wait

Pelvic region
FALL 2018
Full body
FALL 2019