What are Courses?

Courses are guided lessons through anatomical topics, created by subject matter experts. Choose a Course to prepare for pre-med, add to your collection of revision material, or to enhance your knowledge of specific body regions or systems.

Courses are presented by a team of top anatomical experts from leading universities. These subject matter experts offer high quality, accurate information beginning from the key concepts and principles of human gross anatomy, to more advanced and complex material.

Courses are purchased within Complete Anatomy. A single purchase of a Course grants you access to its contents on any device that runs Complete Anatomy. Purchasing the Complete Anatomy Upgrade is not necessary to access Courses.

Cadaveric Lab: Skeletal and Muscular Systems

Cadaveric Lab: Skeletal and Muscular Systems

A companion course to traditional anatomy lectures featuring detailed photographs of professionally dissected cadaveric tissue. The photographic library represents a comprehensive look at the human body through all body regions and systems. The course is designed to better prepare students in how to identify anatomical structures in embalmed human cadaveric specimens in either dissection or prosection based courses.

Explore over 200 cadaveric images right at your fingers, providing a new supplemental interactive experience for dissection labs.

The Screens allow you to explore the highly detailed 3D model that's placed beside similarly dissected views of a human cadaver.

Discover the Skeletal and Muscular Systems in amazing 3D detail and identify the structures in a human cadaver.

Use the Screens to enhance your understanding of anatomical structures and relationships.



Learning Outcomes

  • Students will have a better understanding of anatomical relationships and be able to identify structures on the 3D model and relate them to the cadaveric images.




The Axial Skeleton

Introduction to the Skeleton

The Skull

Isolated Bones of the Skull

The Orbit, Nasal Cavity, and Cranial Vault

The Teeth, Hard Palate, and Mandible

The Vertebral Column

Thoracic Vertebrae and Ribs


The Appendicular Skeleton

Bones of the Pectoral Girdle

Bones of the Arm, Forearm, Wrist, and Hand

Bony Pelvis

Bones of the Thigh, Leg, and Foot


Muscles of the Trunk

Muscles of the Back

Muscles of the Thorax, Abdomen, and Pelvis


Muscles of the Limbs

Muscles of the Upper Limb: Shoulder and Arm

Muscles of the Upper Limb: Forearm and Hand

Muscles of the Lower Limb: Hip and Thigh

Muscles of the Lower Limb: Leg and Foot


Muscles of the Head and Neck

Muscles of the Head

Muscles of the Pharynx and Larynx

Muscles of the Neck