Complete Anatomy

Available on iPad, Mac, and Windows

Discover Surface Dial controls
New Immerse yourself like never before with Microsoft Surface Dial.
Break down the barriers between you and the anatomy with intuitive controls available with Surface Dial on Windows 10.


Discover and visualise the relationships and connections between structures by controlling the distance between structures.

Muscle Motion

View the anatomy in action, and examine the exact movements made by muscles by precisely controlling the range of motion.


Dive deeper into the anatomy with the Discover Tool, allowing you to see behind and beyond the visible structures.

Discover the anatomy, inside and out. Wherever you are, in fact.

Completely real. Really complete.

The whole body is always just a tap away with Complete Anatomy. Explore every angle of over 6,500 structures in breathtaking 3D.

Move your body.

Visualize the body’s internal workings like never before. Animate the model to see the action of a muscle. Take advantage of a whole new perspective by tracing nerves along their origin path.

Muscle Motion
Parts & Surfaces
Insertion & Origin
Origin Path

Expert content, available instantly.

Complete Anatomy comes with a library of reference materials prepared by medical experts. Learn detailed anatomy from the comfort of your sofa.

Use View Options and Tools to get to grips with complex anatomical relationships, and share your discoveries with others.
Record your explorations with a voiceover to create interactive notes.
Create your own questions and quizzes for the ultimate revision tool.
Not just about your eyeballs. Create and share custom content.

Not just skin deep.

Customise the model to view what you need. Hide and fade structures to see their context. View individual structures in spectacular detail with Isolate Mode.

A model patient

Simulate body conditions and details using a suite of innovative Tools.


Start your own study group.

Share your work with your friends, lab partner, or a student you’re tutoring. They can continue where you leave off for deeper learning and exploration.

Introducing Lectures, a brand new way to learn about anatomy.

You've never studied like this before.

Complete Anatomy contains a range of Lectures, covering anatomy topics ranging from introductory level to advanced areas. Follow the lesson structure, and stop it at any time to explore the model further.

Direct to your backpack.

New Lecture available? No problem. Download new Lectures any time you’re online, so no matter where you are, you'll always be able to access your study tools.

Lectures from your lecturers.

Educators using Complete Anatomy can also share Lectures with their students using Content Builder. Revise course material wherever you like, with all the benefits of Complete Anatomy's powerful technology.

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