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Complete Anatomy

Affiliate Program


Bring cutting-edge 3D Anatomy to your social media following

With the Complete Anatomy Affiliate program you can share video and image content from Complete Anatomy on your social media account and generate revenue in the process.

How does it work?

Once approved, you receive your unique Affiliate link, offering 10% off Complete Anatomy

Prominently display your Affiliate link alongside any Complete Anatomy content you share

You can share up to 5 images or 30 seconds of video content per month, with the correct tagging

Who can apply?

Anyone who wants to share our content or generate revenue can apply to be a Complete Anatomy Affiliate. We are currently working with:

Students and doctors
Students and doctors

Engaging their followers and upgrade their content using our most advanced 3D anatomy model

Fitness professionals
Fitness professionals

Using 3D anatomy to better explain the anatomical and physiological concepts behind working out.

Medical organizations
Medical organizations

Enhancing their anatomical content with the power of our advanced 3D anatomy platform

We are particularly excited to work with...

Complete Anatomy ambassador

Social media ambassadors with a strong online following

Complete Anatomy fan

Loyal fans of Complete Anatomy who are active on social media

Sound interesting?