Complete Anatomy

Windows manual installation – SCCM

Click here to download the latest version of Complete Anatomy.
When the file has completely downloaded, open your downloads folder and select the file
Right-click on the folder and select Extract All.
In the window that opens, make sure that Show extracted files when complete is checked and then click Extract.
Show extracted files is selected
When extraction completes the windows will open with the files that are necessary to install Complete Anatomy on your device.
Note: If you did not check ​Show extracted files when complete ​in step 4, then the window like on step 7 won’t appear automatically. In this case you need to go to the Downloads folder and go to folder ​CompleteAnatomy_10.0.1.0_Offline. Please note that there ​must not be a zip on the icon on the CompleteAnatomy_10.0.1.0_Offline folder.

Creating the package via SCCM

Note: If you are prompted by the Wizard during the create application process to point to any dependencies, you can ignore this step as no dependencies are required.
Once the files have been downloaded, we can deploy the application via System Center Configuration Manager. In the ConfigMgr admin console, go to ​Software Library > Application Management > Applications​. Right-click and choose ​Creation Application​. This will open the Create Application Wizard.
Create Application Wizard
Choose the ​Windows app package (*.appx, *.appxbundle)​ type and specify the file location of the 3D4Medical.comLLC.CompleteAnatomy_10.0.1.0_neutral_~_jp2a6tdsptebg file which you had downloaded. Click ​Next​.
double click app bundle file
The next page will show you that the file imported successfully. If any prerequisites are missing from the folder the application is stored in, you will see a warning. Click ​Next​. If ConfigMgr was able to successfully identify the appx/appxbundle plus all prereqs, you should see a screen similar to this:
On this page you can specify items such as the Name, Publisher, and Administrative Category for the app. Please use the following details: Name: ​Complete Anatomy Publisher: ​3D4Medical Ltd Administrative Category: “Your own choice” Click Next
Note: Do not change the software version.
This page will display a summary of all the settings from the previous pages of the Create Application Wizard. Click ​Next​.
Configuration Manager will begin to create the Complete Anatomy application. Once completed you will see the following screen confirming it has been completed:
Creation of Package completed

Deploying the package via SCCM:

In the System Center Configuration Manager console, right-click on the Complete Anatomy application which was just created and choose ​Deploy​.
Deploy SCCM
Choose a ​Collection​ to deploy the Complete Anatomy application to. In this case, the application is deployed to a collection of all Windows machines. Click ​Next​.
Choose a Collection to deploy the application to
Choose a ​Distribution Point​ to distribute the Complete Anatomy app. Click ​Next​.
On the ​Deployment Settings​ page, choose whether Complete Anatomy will be deployed as Available​ or ​Required​. Click Next​.
On the ​Scheduling​ page, choose when the application will be available for users to install. Click Next​.
On the ​User Experience​ page, choose how users will be notified of the app install. Click ​Next​.
On the ​Alerts​ page, choose if you want to be alerted for failed deployments and System Center Operations Manager alerts. Click ​Next​.
The ​Summary​ page will display a list of all settings chosen for the Deploy Software Wizard. Click Next​.
Configuration Manager will begin creating the application. Once complete, you should see this page:
Deployment Successful
Click on the Windows button and open ​Software Center​. The Complete Anatomy app should now be listed in Software Center.
Click ​Install to install the app.
Complete Anatomy should now be available in the Start Menu.