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Topic: Anatomy Snippets

Intravenous drug administration

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The veins in your body are primarily responsible for returning blood to the heart from the peripheral tissues. However, we have also developed other ways to use them, notably as a highway to transport medicines to the rest of the body ?️READ POST

The remarkable process of fracture healing

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The adult human body contains around 207 bones. Like any system in the body, it’s prone to damage, but did you know that bone is one of the few tissues that can heal without forming a fibrous scar?READ POST

Anatomy behind funduscopy

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Funduscopy is part of an assessment of the eye performed by a clinician. It is done by inspecting the fundus of the eyeball ?, with an instrument known as an ophthalmoscope (funduscope), which is simply a light source modified optically with the addition of lenses.?READ POST

The physiology behind wound healing

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We all accidentally cut ourselves from time to time and think nothing of it. But have you ever paused for a moment to consider what actually happens when we damage tissue, and what is involved in the healing process?READ POST

Auscultation of the lungs

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At some point, we may have made a trip to the clinic and as part of the examination, the clinician pulls out a device and listens to your lungs, but what do they actually listen for?READ POST

Physiology of the urinary system

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You’re on a long coach ride, or sitting through a meeting, and suddenly you have the urge to pee. We’ve all been there. But have you ever wondered how your body tells you it’s time for a bathroom break? READ POST