NEW: Group Manager

Educators, add all of your students to a Group all at once with the new Group Manager tool. Let’s take a look!

Start by selecting Curriculum Manager in your Hub, then launching your Assessment Dashboard. There’s lots of great features to explore here, but for now, let’s jump into Sharing to find your Groups.

Create a new Group or choose an existing one you’d like to add members to, then hit INVITE GROUP MEMBERS. Here, you can now upload a CSV file of the students’ emails you’d like to add. Once you’re satisfied that your CSV is correctly formatted, drag and drop your file into the space provided, or browse for a file on your device. You’ll then see a preview of the Group members you are about to invite.

When you’re happy with the list, select CONFIRM UPLOAD, and that’s it!

If the student already has a Complete Anatomy account, they’ll receive an invitation to your Group via an in-app message — they simply accept that invitation and they’ll have access to your Group content.

If they don’t have a Complete Anatomy account yet, they’ll be invited to the platform and Group via email.

For even more tips for managing your curriculum in Complete Anatomy, check out our webinar series at