The Future of Anatomy has Arrived with Complete Anatomy 2020

The world’s most advanced 3D anatomy platform just got a major update. Containing a host of fresh features and improvements, Complete Anatomy 2020 is our most significant product release to date.

Introducing the Hub: A more tailored user experience

The Hub in Complete Anatomy 2020

Enjoy a huge experience update with your own centralized hub for easy access to all areas of the platform. A vast range of 3D anatomy learning content and over 1,500 videos are literally at your fingertips with the new Complete Anatomy Hub. Want to pick up where you left off? Instantly access your recent content with the Recents panel. Prefer to dive straight into the model view? You can turn off the Hub at any time in your Settings.

Cross-Sections: Correlate the model with scan data

Cross-Sections in Complete Anatomy 2020

Take transverse cross-sections through any structure to learn about it in context with our cutting-edge new feature, exclusive to Student Plus, Educator and Professional License holders. Import MRI images or X-rays and correlate with the 3D model to discuss treatments or educate on pathologies.

New microanatomy: Our most detailed models yet

The suprarenal gland, one of 14 microanatomy models in Complete Anatomy 2020

Complete Anatomy continues to dive deeper into the human anatomy with a range of brand new microanatomy models. These groundbreaking models include our most detailed 3D anatomy ever created, including the Tongue, Suprarenal Gland, Renal Pyramid, Olfactory Bulb, Eye, Tendon and Tooth, opening up an ever-expanding world of physiology.

New Courses: Covering further ground in anatomy

Courses in Complete Anatomy 2020

Student Plus, Educator and Professional license holders have full access to our growing collection of interactive anatomy Courses. Experience a diverse range of Course content, including live Cardiothoracic Dissection, Histology of the Human Organs, and Clinical Correlates of the Heart.

Free Rotation: Place the model exactly how you want it

Free-Rotation of the model in Complete Anatomy 2020

It’s now easier than ever to simulate a cadaveric dissection or surgical procedure with the Free-Rotation setting, new to Complete Anatomy 2020. Studying the hand this semester? Examine it in the anatomical position like a traditional model of the hand. Simply head to Settings > Preferences, then switch on “Full 3D Rotation”. Now you’re free to twist with two fingers (iPad), or hold Control + click & drag (Mac) to move the model into supine and prone positions for classical surgical views of the model.

In addition to these fantastic new features, you will find plenty of additional product improvements once you open Complete Anatomy 2020. Try double-tapping or clicking to turn on/off the beating heart, or download Courses for offline use. We have been working around the clock at Complete Anatomy HQ in the run-up to this release and we are excited to share with you the results of our hard work!

Experience the world’s most advanced 3D anatomy platform, refined over 15 years research of anatomical papers, classic textbooks and scan data. If you haven’t tried it already, try it for free today.