Webinar: How to Smash your A&P Study using 3D

This week, we were joined by special guest Ollie Burton, third year medical student at the University of Warwick. When he’s not busy studying medicine, Ollie is Co-President of the Warwick Surgical Society and an aspiring neurosurgeon. He is also the creator of PostgradMedic, one of our favorite YouTube channels on med student life!

Ollie explained to us how the “idealized view” of Complete Anatomy’s 3D Atlas makes learning anatomy so much easier than studying traditional cadaveric specimens or textbooks. Ollie nonetheless emphasized the importance of cadaveric labs, and gave us tips on how to use Complete Anatomy alongside lab work.

Ollie also went into some detail about what Course Content he finds most relevant for his study, focussing on the Undergraduate Regional and Systemic Courses.

As always there were questions from our community, with one member particularly interested in how Complete Anatomy would be used for studying histology and histopathology. Our very own Olivia was on hand to show some of the brilliant microanatomy models we have available on the platform, which breathe life into the complex pink and purple slides associated with the field.

See for yourself how Complete Anatomy can transform your anatomy learning, beyond traditional textbooks and cadavers. Unlock ALL 3D models and Course content with a FREE 3-day trial.