Mastering Quizzes and Questions | Webinar

This week, Lindsay gave us the ultimate run-down on Quizzes and Questions in Complete Anatomy. The webinar kicked off by giving a quick recap on Groups, and how they fit perfectly into sharing Quiz content with students or study groups.

Lindsay then gave us an overview of the range of preset Quiz content available for quickly studying 3D anatomy on the go, as well as the low-down on how to build custom Quizzes in order to dive more thoroughly into topics covered in class.

Educators also got an introduction to the Dashboard, a handy system for tracking student progress and managing Quiz feedback.

As usual there was plenty of engagement, with some of our educators particularly interested in our deep linking feature, which Lindsay was only happy to talk about!

Combine the power of 3D anatomy learning with the range of Quiz content available in Complete Anatomy 2019. Try it for free today, or head over to our pricing page to compare plans.