Turbocharge your study today with these top tips

Turbocharge your study today with these top 5 tips for speeding up your workflow in Complete Anatomy!

#1. Recents

Access the Recents Panel on your Hub by pulling it in from the left. Dive back into a Course you’re studying, or instantly pull up a structure that you’ve been learning.

#2. Search

Search for anything instantly, from the Hub with the Search feature.
Find a specific structure that your lecturer mentioned in class, or pull up a specific Screen. You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!
Transitions to the next screen.

#3. Breadcrumb trail

Quickly grab info for regions and organs with the breadcrumb trail. TOP TIP: We love using this with the Explode tool to get a really good view!

#4. 3D Rotation

Go to your Settings to turn on 3D rotation and make it easier than ever to lay the model in a supine or prone position. Ideal for simulating a cadaveric dissection.

#5: Keyboard shortcuts

This one’s for our friends on Mac: Access a range of keyboard shortcuts for seamless interaction with the model. Instantly open Search in the model view by pressing Command + F, or isolate a structure with Command + I. Full list of keyboard shortcuts is included in the description.

So that’s it guys! These are our top 5 tips for turbocharging your study. We hope you enjoyed, and if you don’t have Complete Anatomy yet, be sure to try the Student Plus license for FREE today!