What to Expect in Complete Anatomy 2020 | Webinar

This week, Lindsay presented a very special webinar showcasing what to expect in the most anticipated release of the year: Complete Anatomy 2020!

We were super excited for Lindsay to introduce our community to the all-new Hub – a tailored dashboard for instant access to Courses, Content, Videos and recent items.

One feature we’ve also been excited to show is Cross-Sections. Now you can easily correlate scan data from MRIs and X-rays with what you see in the 3D Model.

The stars of the show, however, were our stunning 4 stunning new microanatomy models:

  • Suprarenal gland – view the cellular break down of the suprarenal gland and how it is organised into layers and explore each layers’ function.
  • Kidney lobe – explore the different kinds of the nephron; the juxtamedullary nephron and the cortical nephron.
  • Tongue – identify the different papilla and the relevant taste buds for each which allow you to sense taste.
  • Olfactory organ – a detailed view of the olfactory mucosa and the olfactory bulb.

Lindsay also gave us a tantalizing tidbit of information about upcoming model updates, which include the inner ear, in addition to an updated head and neck model.

Update your app today to Complete Anatomy 2020 to experience all of this and more. If you haven’t tried Complete Anatomy yet, what are you waiting for? Now’s a better time than ever to try it for free