Undo / Redo & Home

Step back and forth through your workflow using the Undo and Redo buttons


Virtually place the model into your real life environment. (Available on iPad Pro and iPad (2017) running iOS 11)


Create and move between multiple model positions without losing your progress.


Follow your history of previously selected structures or structure groups with the Recent function.

Home and Reset

Control the model’s position and structure visibility using Home and Reset.

Blood Vessel Model

Explore a highly detailed view of the blood vessels, getting an even deeper view of the circulatory system.

Layers and Systems

Activate the systems and organs, including the heart, lungs, cardiovascular system, and nerves, using the Systems Menu. Switch to viewing a detailed model of the blood vessels.

Breadcrumb Trail

Quickly select parent groups of a selected structure using the Breadcrumb Trail.

Beating Heart

Watch the heart beat in real time as your explore the model, and see all the workings of the heart in action.