Record & save your interactions with the model along with a voiceover. Interact with public or shared Recordings to learn more on an anatomical topic.

Viewing Recordings

Access Recordings

View all available Recordings by selecting Library from the main menu, and then selecting the Recordings tab within the Library viewer.

Recording Listings

A grid of Recordings is displayed in the Library, with a preview image of the Recording along with its title, user-rating, and its creator’s profile picture. Add a Recording to your Favourites by tapping on the heart icon in the top-right corner of the item.

Sorting and Filtering Recordings

Browse the Recordings by group, or content type. Sort them by date added, or alphabetically.

Viewing a Recording

View a Recording by tapping on its thumbnail. The Recording will begin playing on the screen.

Pausing a Recording

Tap on the Recording at any point to pause it. The timeline bar will appear at the bottom of the screen.

Rotating the Model

When the Recording is paused the model becomes interactive, so you can rotate and zoom to fully explore the current view. You can also select any visible Labels to view the associated model position.

Resuming the Recording

Tap the play button in the timeline bar to resume watching the Recording. You can also select another chapter marker in the timeline bar to begin watching from another section of the Recording.

Rate Recording

View the Recording’s rating and add your own rating by tapping the icon on the top left of the screen.

Exiting a Recording

Tap Exit in the top right corner to return to the Library.

Creating Recordings

Create a Recording

Set your model to the position you’d like to begin the Recording in, and tap the green Record button under the Main Menu. If necessary, allow Complete Heart access to your device’s microphone so that you can record a voiceover. When you’re ready to begin, tap the Record button in the centre of the screen.

Recording Mode

A timer will appear in the bottom left corner of the screen to indicate that you are Recording. All actions and speech during this time will be included in your Recording. Your Recording can be a maximum of five minutes.


While recording, you continue to have access to the full suite of Tools, allowing you to edit the model as you go along.

Magic Marker

Draw attention to an area of the screen while recording using the Magic Marker. Select the Magic Marker button, and use as a pointer by tapping or dragging on screen to temporarily highlight an area. The Marker disappears when your finger is lifted, and will be saved as part of your Recording. For drawing on the model or screen, try the Pen Tool.

Pausing a Recording

Tap the Stop button to the left of the timer to pause your Recording. While a Recording is paused, you can choose to resume recording, save the Recording, or delete your work so far.

Save a Recording

Choosing to save the Recording will reveal the save popover. Type in a title, choose a group to share the Recording in. When you’re finished, hit Save and the Recording will be added to your Library.

Recording Options

You can return to any of your created Recordings to share or delete them at a later time. For more information about how to this, see the Library Options tutorial.

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