Test your knowledge by taking a Quiz shared by the public, by 3D4Medical, or by your groups. Create a Quiz to test your study plan, or share with friends to test their knowledge.

Taking Quizzes

Access Quizzes

View all available Quizzes by selecting Library from the main menu, and then selecting the Quizzes tab within the Library viewer.

Quiz Listings

A grid of Quizzes is displayed in the Library, with a preview image of the Recording along with its title, user-rating, and its creator’s profile picture. You can also see the difficulty level of the Quiz from the color of its options tab: blue for beginner level; orange for intermediate level; and red for advanced.

Sorting and Filtering Quizzes

Browse the Quizzes by group, or content type. Sort them by date added, or alphabetically.

Quiz Introduction

Select a Quiz to view more information about it. Check that the description and objectives are what you’re looking to accomplish, and then hit the Play button to begin.

Answering Questions

For each question, a related Screen will appear in the main panel of the screen. The potential answers will appear on the right-hand side, and can be selected by hitting them. Tap Submit at the bottom to confirm your choice. Beware of the time limit at the top of the panel!

Quiz Results

At the end of the Quiz, you’ll receive your results, and have the opportunity to check the correct answers if you got any wrong. You can also rate the Quiz, and even try it again if you want!

Exiting a Quiz

Tap Exit in the top right corner to return to the Library at any point. If you leave a Quiz part of the way through, you will be able to resume it from the Library later.  

Taking Questions

Access Questions

You can also view all available Questions separately by selecting the Quizzes tab within the Library viewer.

Answering Questions

Answering Questions is the same process as in a Quiz. You’ll discover whether you answered the Question correctly immediately after submitting your answer, and have the option to continue working through the Questions in your Library or exiting.

Creating Questions

Add a Question

Select the ‘Add a Question’ button in the Library to get started.

Select a Model Position

Choose what Screen from your Library you would like to use to illustrate your Question. Alternatively, you can use the current model position.

Write Question

Type the Question text into the top section of the right-hand panel. Below it, add up to five answers. For each answer, select whether it is a correct or incorrect answer and type the associated text into the popover box.

Save Question

Choosing to save the Question will reveal the save popover. Choose a group to share the Question in, and the difficulty level to assign it. When you’re finished, hit Save and the Question will be added to your Library.

Creating Quizzes

Add a Quiz

Select the ‘Add a Quiz’ button in the Library to get started.

Add Questions

Add Questions to the Quiz by dragging them from the grid to the left-hand panel. Remember you can filter Questions for easier browsing using search and the filter options at the top of the grid.

Rearrange the Quiz

Tap the Edit button at the top of the New Quiz panel to rearrange the order of Questions by dragging them up or down, or to remove Questions using the delete button in the top left corner of each Question thumbnail. Tap Done to resume adding Questions.

Quiz Settings

Tap Settings at the top right of the screen to set options for your Quiz. Choose how long users will have to answer Questions, whether correct answers should be shown immediately, whether the order of Questions should be changed each time the Quiz is taken, and which Screen should be used as the thumbnail for the whole Quiz.

Quiz Details

Within the Settings panel, you can also set objectives for your Quiz, as well as a Quiz title and description. All of these will be displayed in the introductory panel before the user begins taking your Quiz.

Save a Quiz

Tap ‘Save’ to reveal the save popover. Choose a group to share the Quiz in. The difficulty level will be automatically generated based on the Questions that you have included in the Quiz. When you’re finished, hit Save and the Quiz will be added to your Library.

Quiz and Question Options

You can return to any of your created Quizzes or Question to share, edit, or delete them at a later time. For more information about how to this, see the Library Options tutorial.

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