Set up a 3D4Medical Account to create content for sharing, and to customize your experience using Complete Heart.

Log in or Register

Select ‘Profile’ in the main menu to get started. In the pop-up that appears, you’ll have the option to Login from the top right corner, or to Register in the bottom right corner. If you have used a 3D4Medical app on another device, or if you purchased Complete Heart through, you will already have an account and select Login. Otherwise, select Register.

Creating an Account

Begin creating an account by inputting your email address and creating a password, then hit next. Enter your personal details, including the role that best describes your use of Complete Heart. Hit next, and upload a profile image that will be attached to your created content. At the end of the process, you will need to verify your email address. Once you have done that, tap the ‘I’ve verified my email’ button and you’ll have access to all of the registered features!

Free trial

If this is your first time using Complete Heart, you will be given a free three-day trial of all features included in the Complete Heart Upgrade.

Access Profile

Tap Profile from the main menu to access your profile and account details.

My Account

View and edit your account details. Tap Edit to change details associated with your 3D4Medical Account. Add your specialist areas. Note that any changes made will be reflected across all of your devices and apps.


View the latest content changes from 3D4Medical and your Groups. Invitations to join Groups will also appear here.


View Groups that you have created, or that you belong to. Create new Groups, and edit or delete Groups that you have created previously. Choose to leave Groups that you belong to.

Create a Group

Creating your own group allows you to invite members and share content with them within the app. Create a Group by tapping the green Add button. Enter the name, description and specialist area for your group, and give it a profile pic to find it easily. Select Create Group when you’re done.

Inviting Members

Your group will need some members, so tap on the Manage Group Members tab to begin. Here you can search for existing users to invite, or invite someone to your Group via email.


Access your privacy and notification settings. Choose whether other users are able to invite you to their groups. Select whether you would like to be notified when updates are made to the anatomical model that might affect your Library items.

Complete Heart