Upgrade from Essential Anatomy 3 to Complete Anatomy

Upgrade to Complete Anatomy

Stay ahead of the crowd with 30% off the next generation on anatomical learning. Essential Anatomy 3 customers can avail of an exclusive 30% off the upgraded version of Complete Anatomy. Follow the guide below to access your discount.

  1. Update Essential Anatomy 3

    Open Essential Anatomy, and select the Upgrade button. On Windows, it appears in the bottom centre-left of the screen; If you don’t see it, check the Microsoft Store to update Essential Anatomy to the latest version.

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  2. Download Complete Anatomy

    Tap ‘Upgrade’ in Essential Anatomy, and then download Complete Anatomy from Microsoft Store for free by tapping the Windows button button in Step 3.

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  3. Register in Complete Anatomy

    Open Complete Anatomy, and create an account for free. Then, return to Essential Anatomy.

  4. Access your discount

    Access your discount by tapping the ‘Apply discount’ button in Step 4.

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  5. Access upgraded content

    Complete Anatomy will automatically open with your discount applied. Follow the purchase screens to complete your upgrade.

Need help using Complete Anatomy?

Visit our support section for tutorials covering all the features included in the app, and FAQs for troubleshooting help.

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