Body Regions

View the anatomy model by body region, allowing for easier and deeper navigation.

Access Regions

To access the menu of regions that can be isolated, tap the ‘Isolate Region’ button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Selecting Regions

Tap the region that you would like to isolate to view only that region.

Selecting Multiple Regions

Two regions can be viewed together. Simply tap another region to view two at once. If two regions are already selected, the older selection will be removed and replaced by the newer one.

Home and Reset

While regions are isolated, the Home and Reset functions operate only in those regions, and not the full body. For example, the Home button will return the model to the front, and fill the screen with that region.

Full Body

Return to viewing the full body by tapping the option at the top of the Isolate Regions menu. This will undo all Region selections.

Complete Anatomy