Test your knowledge by taking a Quiz shared by the public, by 3D4Medical, or by your groups. Create a Quiz to test your study plan, or share with friends to test their knowledge.

Using Quizzes

Accessing Quizzes

Accessing Quizzes

You can access Quizzes from the Main Menu on the right-hand side of the screen. Browse the Quizzes by group, body area or model structure. More information on sorting is available in the Sorting section below.

Selecting Quizzes

Selecting Quizzes

A list of Quizzes is displayed in the panel, each showing its thumbnail, title, number of questions, creator, and user rating. Take a Quiz by pressing its thumbnail.

Quiz Information

About the Quiz

The Quiz will appear with its difficulty level, description, and objectives. Hit the Start button to begin taking the quiz.

Taking Quizzes

Quiz Rating

Tap the Quiz’s star rating to view more detailed information about how other users have ranked the Quiz. You can also rate the Quiz yourself if you have taken it previously.

Taking Quizzes

Taking Quizzes

The current question will be displayed on the right side of the screen, along with the possible answers. Every question has an associated Screen, which you can explore to help you choose your answer. Tap any Labels included in the Screen to bring it back to its default position.

Hiding the Sidebar

You can hide the question temporarily to give more space for you to explore the Screen. To this, tap or drag the tab at the edge of the sidebar. Tap it again to bring back the question.

Viewing Results

At the end of the quiz, your results will be shown. From here, you can choose to take the Quiz again, to give the Quiz a rating, or to check the correct answers.

Checking Answers

Cycle through each Question in the Quiz to compare your selected answer and the correct answer. The associated Screens will also display in this mode, so you can see the full context of the Question.

Exiting a Quiz

Tap the X button in the top right-hand corner at any point to return to the main screen. If you leave in the middle of a quiz, you can continue it at any time by selecting Continue on that Quiz’s objective screen.

Using Questions

Taking Individual Questions

No time for a quiz? You can also take individual questions in the Questions tab, sorting by group or body area. Select a question thumbnail to view the question in detail. You can copy a Question to your own group, and edit questions which are a part of your groups.

Creating Questions

Create Your Own

Create your own Questions and Quizzes to share with your Group or with other users. Access Quiz from the Main Menu and tap the Add button at the top of the screen. You can quickly add a new Question based on the setup of your screen, or assemble an entirely new Quiz.

Creating a Question

Tap ‘New Question’ to begin creating a Question. You’ll have the option to use the current model position, or to choose from a screen you’ve made previously.

Choosing a Screen

Choose a Screen from your library by selecting it. You can return to your library to choose a different screen using the Screens button.

Setting the Question Text

Type in your questions, and add up to five answers, choosing between Correct or Incorrect for each. Make sure at least one of the potential answers is a correct answer!

Saving a Question

Once you’re happy with your Question and choice of answers, hit the Save button. Choose the group you’d like to save your Question to, and the body section to which the Question applies. Use the slider to set the question difficulty, then press Save.

Exiting Question Creation

At any point, press the close icon to exit Question creation.

Creating Quizzes

Creating a Quiz

Tap ‘New Quiz to begin assembling a Quiz. You’re presented with a grid of Questions, which you can sort by group, body region, or difficulty. To add Questions to your quiz, simply drag and drop each Question into the timeline on the left of your screen.

Rearranging Questions

Press Edit to rearrange the order of questions in your quiz. Drag and drop the questions that you’d like to move to their new position. The first Question automatically becomes the poster image for the Quiz — this can be changed in Settings. Tap Done when you’re happy with the structure of your Quiz.

Quiz Settings

Tap Finish when you are happy with your Quiz and you will be brought to Quiz Settings. Here you can set your overall quiz settings including your Quiz title, description, and optional objective.. Hit ‘’Edit Questions’’ if there are any changes you would like to make.

Saving a Quiz

When you’re happy with your quiz, hit Save. Now choose the group you’d like to save your new quiz to, and attach it to a relevant body area. Then, hit Save. Your quiz is now ready to be played!

Quiz Options

Access Quiz options by tapping the blue tab within any item in the main Quiz menu. The Options bar will be displayed, allowing you to copy the Quiz to a group and, if the Quiz was created by you, extra options to edit or delete it.

Copy Quiz

Tapping the Copy button will reveal a list of groups that you are a member of. Select the groups that you would like to add the Quiz to, and tap ‘Done’.

Edit Quiz

Tap the Edit button to return to the Quiz creation mode to edit any Questions or details in the Quiz.

Delete Quiz

To delete a Quiz, tap the Delete icon. You will be asked to confirm your choice to delete the Quiz.

Select Multiple Quizzes

Multiple screens can be selected at once, allowing you to copy or delete a group of Quizzes together. Hold down on any Quiz for a second to access multiple selection, and then select the items you would like to change. Access the copy and delete options from the multiple selection menu that appears above the Quizzes’ thumbnails.



Sorting options appear at the top of the panel. These options allow you to tailor the content you see.

Sort by Group

Firstly, you may sort by Group; simply tap to view the contents of your preferred group.

Sort via Region

When a body region is selected, Quizzes and Questions will automatically sort to show items relevant to that region. To change region, tap the name of the current region within the panel, or select the Isolate Region icon in the bottom left of your screen, and choose from the list.

Sort Manually

When viewing the Full Body, the list sorts according to the Body Area visible on screen. You can also navigate the list of Quizzes or Questions manually. Scroll through the list of body areas to find the relevant region.

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