Parts & Surfaces

Take a closer look at the skeletal system by exploring the bony landmarks (Parts and Surfaces) of a structure.

Access Parts & Surfaces

To access Parts and Surfaces, choose a bone from the model. The infobox for that structure will appear on the left of the screen. Under the title of the structure you will see the landmark options available for that bone.

Select a Landmark

Select the Parts or Surfaces icon to view the bony landmarks associated with the selected bone. Choose an option from the list which appears below. You will be taken into Isolate Mode to view your selection more clearly.

Viewing Landmarks

Your selected landmark will be highlighted on the model, and additional information about the selection is displayed in the Infobox. Continue to explore the landmarks by either tapping on the model, or choosing an item in the list.

Exploring the model

The model remains fully interactive and you may rotate, zoom, and pan to find your preferred angle.

Return to full model

Tap Back to return to the full model.

Access Landmarks Layer Maps

Parts and Surfaces are available as layers of the Skeletal System, which show a map of all bony landmarks across the full skeleton. Tap the Skeletal System Icon, and press the Plus or Minus buttons until you come to the Parts or Surfaces layers (the second and third layers of the system). To hide the parts and surfaces, tap the Skeletal System icon and press the Minus button.

Select Landmarks from the model

When viewing the layer maps, select a landmark from the model by tapping on it. The model zooms in to show the selected point. Information about the landmark will appear in the Infobox. To view another landmark on the model, tap it. To view any landmark in Isolate Mode, select it from the list in the Infobox.

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