Navigating the Model

Get started with our 3D Model by learning how to rotate, zoom, pan and select.


To rotate the model, drag your finger across the screen on iPad, or hold left click and drag your cursor across the screen on Mac or Windows. Drag left and right to rotate the model, or up and down to get a higher or lower angle view. The model will rotate around the point where you begin to drag, giving you full control over the rotation.


To zoom in on iPad, place two fingers close together on the screen and spread them apart on iPad. On Mac or Windows, scroll to zoom your view in or out or use the plus and minus keys on your keyboard. To zoom back out, place two fingers apart on the screen and pinch them together.


To pan around the model without rotating, place two fingers on the iPad screen and move them together in the same direction, or hold right click while dragging your mouse across the screen on Mac or Windows. Alternatively, hold shift while clicking and dragging across the screen to get the same effect. This is particularly useful when zoomed in.

Selecting a Structure

To select a structure, simply tap or click on it. The infobox will open, containing information and tools on the selected structure. To deselect a structure, simply tap outside the model, or tap another structure to select it instead.

Complete Anatomy