Arterial Supply

See the arteries that supply any muscle, and trace them back to the heart.

Access Supply

To see a muscle’s arterial supply, select the muscle from the model. The Infobox for that structure will appear on the left of the screen. Under the title of the structure you will see the option to view the arterial supply for that muscle.

Select Supply

Select the Arteries icon to see the options for viewing that muscle’s supply path. Choose between Isolating or Hiding the path. The names of the arteries supplying the muscle will also appear below these options, and will be highlighted in pink on the model.

Isolate the path

Choosing to isolate the path will hide all structures not associated with the path.

Highlight the path

Choosing to highlight the path will fade all visible structures other than the path and muscle.

Exploring the model

The model remains fully interactive and you may rotate, zoom, and pan to find your preferred angle. You can also select structures within the path, and their titles will be displayed at the bottom of the Infobox.

Return to full model

Tap Back to return to the full model.

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