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September 19, 2017

Anatomy comes to life in AR with Complete Anatomy 2018

3D4Medical introduces augmented reality into flagship anatomy platform

3D4Medical has released the latest update to its award-winning Complete Anatomy platform, bringing the photo-realistic 3D anatomy model into the real world through augmented reality. Complete Anatomy is 3D4Medical’s revolutionary cloud-based education platform that allows users to investigate the minute detail of the human anatomy in incredible 3D.

Complete Anatomy 2018 uses ARKit in iOS 11 to find nearby surfaces that you can place the 3D anatomical model on.

Using ARKit in iOS 11 for iPad, users can place any part of the model, from a single structure to the full body, on a flat surface. Users can then move around the model to examine it from any angle, increase or reduce the scale, and select structures to view related text. Labels and annotations appear as the user explores the model, and structures can be separated with the ‘Explode’ functionality to gain an even greater understanding of the human body.

3D4Medical has enjoyed phenomenal success in recent years, advancing its mission to transform medical learning around the world. John Moore, CEO and Founder of 3D4Medical, said, “We’re excited to continue to bring revolutionary technology to millions of users worldwide. Placing our highly anatomically-accurate 3D model into the real world through AR offers students and patients the ability to visualize and explore the anatomy in ways previously only possible in a lab. The response to our work in AR has been phenomenal, and we’re excited to get this technology into users’ hands.”


Continue exploring the model at life-size proportions to view a realistic visualization of the anatomy.

Complete Anatomy 2018 + Courses is available now on the iPad App Store. AR Mode requires the latest version of Complete Anatomy 2018 for iPad, and iPad Pro or iPad (2017) running on iOS 11.