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Take control of your healthcare and empower yourself with Complete Ortho, a revolutionary new tool to increase your understanding of your care options and facilitate better communication with your healthcare provider. Unlock a deeper understanding of your anatomy, condition and treatment options with easy-to-use interactive 3D models and animations.


3D Interactive model

Choose from 7 different body regions: Shoulder; Elbow; Hand & Wrist; Spine; Hip; Knee; and Ankle & Foot - then explore that region in 3D using the interactive model.

Use quick bookmarks to add muscles, arteries, nerves and connective tissue layers to the 3D model.

Select any structure to learn its name, hear it pronounced, or read its description. Hide or Fade it to see its relationship to other body parts. Save your favorite views and animations to My Saved Files for easy reference.

Compete Ortho Public

Compete Ortho Pro

Detailed animations

Watch over 250 highly-detailed and anatomically-accurate animations to gain a clearer understanding of your condition or treatment. Press the interactive audio links on screen to see the relevant body regions.

Already have a diagnosis? Search for an anatomical structure, condition or treatment mentioned by your healthcare provider and preview your treatment ahead of surgery.

Built for healthcare providers

Choose the Complete Ortho Pro subscription to access a range of additional features, designed to allow you to communicate effectively with your patient about their condition:

  • Build consultations and send to your patients
  • Manipulate the model with Cut, Fracture and Spurs tools, annotate or import an image
  • Use Muscle Motion to show your patients how muscles move in 3D
  • Obtain Pre-Consent from your patient when they’re happy to move to the next step in their care
  • Send a Digital Consultation summary to your patient via HIPAA-secure email
  • Access your personalized web Dashboard to track when a patient opens, reads, and confirms their understanding of their Digital Consultation