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Discover more about the anatomy with 3D4Medical

Introduction to Body Systems

Discover the different anatomical systems with the help of our introductory videos featuring Complete Anatomy’s 3D model, and then explore them for yourself in the app.

Introduction to the Skeletal System

Learn about the main divisions of the skeleton and the different shapes of bones that together form the framework for the human body.

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Introduction to the Muscular System

Discover the three different types of muscle and learn about their about unique features.

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Introduction to the Cardiovascular System

See what nutrients blood carries and how it is transported around the body, featuring an in-depth look at blood vessels.

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Introduction to the Nervous System

Discover the functions of the nervous system, and how it can be divided into the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system.

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Introduction to the Respiratory System

View the structures which allow the respiratory system to take in oxygen and have a close-up look at the respiratory system divisions.

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Introduction to the Digestive System

Discover the anatomy of the digestive system and which organs work together to allow the ingestion, digestion, absorption, and excretion of food.

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Introduction to the Urogenital System

Learn about the abdominal and pelvic organs involved in excretion, and how they are divided into the upper and lower urinary tracts.

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Introduction to the Integumentary System

Discover the functions of the Integumentary system, and the different layers of the skin.

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Learn more about a selection of body conditions, and then explore the related structures for yourself in Complete Anatomy.

What is Diabetes?

Learn about the cause and effect of diabetes on the human body.

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What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Discover how Multiple Sclerosis develops and affects the body.

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What is Celiac Disease?

Find out how celiac disease causes the body to react differently to the digestion of protein.

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Anatomy Slices

Check back each week for a new video from our medical team, to take you through the ins and outs of the human anatomy.

Bones of the Wrist

Check out how your knowledge of the Greek and Latin names can help you to memorise which bone is which!

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Points of Auscultation

Find out why doctors use stethoscopes on strange parts of your torso!

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Muscle Layers of the Stomach

Discover how the muscular layers of the stomach help with digestion of food!

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Referred Pain

Ever visited the doctor due to a pain in your body, only to be told that the cause is in an entirely different area?

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Ever experienced a sharp pain in your wrist, and a numbness or pain in your fingers? In Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the nerves of the wrist are compressed.

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Muscles of the Thigh

Discover the muscles of the thigh and how putting them to work results in knee and leg movement.

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Muscles of the Gluteal Region

Dive deeper into the muscular structure of the thigh and gluteal region!

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Sutures of the Skull

Learn how the bones of the skull connect to create a solid home for our thoughts.

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Bones of the Sternum

Ever had trouble remembering the bones of the sternum? This week’s Anatomy Slice gives you the perfect memory aid — thanks to an unusual prop!

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Sounds of the Heart

Have you ever finished exercising and wondered why your heartbeat sounds the way it does? Discover how the lub and dub sounds are created!

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