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Frequently asked questions

What platforms do you cover?

At the mean time our platform provides SDK for iOS, macOS, tvOS. But we are continuously evolving. Unity and JavaScript versions of our SDK are coming soon.

How big is the data per each API call? Can you lazy-load the content?

Our SDK is designed to load only the data needed for a particular model configuration.

Does your SDK use cache on the client side?

Our SDK always uses cache. It helps to reduce traffic for apps and improve scene loading speed.

Is it possible to access a model’s coordinate system on the code level to map other content/data to the model?

We do not provide access to the 3D scene, but it is possible on the code level. You can get more details in the Member’s Area.

Are the pre-created content states accessible via the SDK? Or should I necessarily shape it on the code level manually.

You can do it both ways but we recommend to use pre-created states as it saves a lot of developer hours. You can get more details in the Member’s Area.

Is your curriculum builder available via the SDK?

No. The Curriculum Builder is a part of Complete Anatomy and is a subject of having an Educator License purchased. It is not a part of the SDK platform.

Do you have plans to cover other platforms especially for medical devices?

At the moment we plan to expand on the traditional platforms and provide teams who develops for them using widely spread developing tools – a convenient way of integrating 3D interactive anatomical content in their products.

Do you have SDK/API docs that I can read?

Yes, we provide documentation for SDK and also you can download samples for SDK. To get access to the Member’s Area of our developer section – contact us.

How can we integrate your SDK to my product?

The integration process is very simple. Just like with all frameworks. By the way we create a number of videos demonstrating the quick start process for Objective-C and Swift. You can get access to them in the Member’s Area.

Can we use your SDK in iOS simulator?

Our Apple-oriented version of SDK uses Metal for rendering, so it can not run on a simulator.

Does your SDK represent content only in “canvas” mode? Or AR mode is available?

Canvas at the moment. But we are working on AR mode for iOS version of SDK. It is coming soon. It will be very straightforward to switch to.

Do I need internet connection for using your SDK in my product?

Yes. Our platform is cloud-based and requires a stable internet connection for working properly.

What is an API key and where can I get it?

An API key is a special key identifying your product for our platform. It should be a part of every API call the SDK facilitates from within your code to our platform. If you plan to develop your product using our SDK you need to contact us. The Member’s Area of our developer section contains video materials and code samples showing how to use API key.

We have read all above and still have a problem regarding integrating your SDK in our product, what should we do?

Shoot us an email to and try to provide as much detail of the issue as possible.