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Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost?

Nothing. It’s absolutely free!

It’s free so why do I need to register?

Register to save your score, get access to over 3000 questions and win lots of great Complete Anatomy prizes!

Can I change my username?

Yes! Go to the Settings tab, tap on Account Details, tap on the textfield with your current username at the top of the screen, and enter your new name.

The answer to this question is incorrect / I can’t see the target structure. How do I report it?

Although we do our very best to deliver you with top quality content, occasionally a rogue question may appear for you. When viewing any question, help us to capture these maverick questions by simply swiping to your right and tapping on the ‘Report Question’ button at the bottom of your screen. We appreciate your help and patience with this!

I want to play against my friend, how do I do it?

Great! Your friend must be at the same level as you – no cheating! 😊 Get started by choosing the same topics, then hit the ‘Find Anatomists Online’ button at the same to challenge each other.

Any other problems?

Contact our Customer Service team with any issues you’re having, and we’ll do our level best to solve them for you.


Can I choose which Lecture I get as a prize?

No, your prize is a custom-made Lecture, only accessible to Quiz Anatomy users who have reached the required number of points.

I already have this Course (prize) can I exchange it for another Course?

Please contact customer support and we can see what we can do 😊

How do I obtain my free Course/Lecture?

When you meet the required number of points, you will receive an email with detailed instructions. Please note you must log in to Complete Anatomy with the email address you use to access Quiz Anatomy in order to get your free Lecture.

I’m having trouble accessing my extended 14 day free trial of Complete Anatomy, help!

Log in to Complete Anatomy with your Quiz Anatomy email and your extended 14 day free trial will be automatically activated. If you are still having trouble log out and log back in again. Alternatively contact our Customer Support team if you’re still having problems.


Do I need an internet connection to run the app?

Yes, this app requires an internet connection.

Can I rotate the model?

No, the imagery is only in 2D. You can try out the anatomy in 3D by downloading Complete Anatomy & registering for a 3-day free trial!

The structure in the question is very small, can I zoom in?

Yes! Spread 2 fingers on the image area for a closer look.

Is this app available on Android?

Not yet, however we do plan an Android release in the near future.

The app shows a structure on the right-hand-side of my screen but the correct answer is (Left)! Is something wrong?

In the study of anatomy we refer to the, ‘Anatomical Right,’ and the, ‘Anatomical Left,’ which always correlates to the patient’s right or left when you are facing them. Confusing, right?! Just try to remember: when looking at a body in the anatomical position, the body’s right will always be your left and vice versa. For example, you are looking at someone face-on and you look at their right hand (which is on your left). The structure in question is, ‘Hand (Right).’

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