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Released May 5, 2017
  • Offline Mode: Continue creating content while offline. Screens, Recordings, and Quizzes created offline will be synced to the cloud the next time your device is online. Learn more
  • 3D4Medical Account: Your Complete Anatomy account is now a 3D4Medical account! Access your account details both in-app and on the web, and update your profile to receive content and updates that are more relevant to you. Learn more
  • Microsoft Surface Dial: Microsoft Surface users can now use the Surface Dial to control the Discover, Explode, and Muscle Motion features!
  • Keyboard shortcuts (Mac): Access commonly used functions even more quickly with new keyboard shortcuts. Learn more
  • Import Tool: Introducing Import (superseding Image Tool). Add images and videos to give new context to the model position that you are currently displaying. You can also add images and videos to Screens and Recordings for use in Lectures. Learn more
  • Share Lecture Resources: When copying your Lecture to your faculty group, choose to share the individual Screens, Recordings, and Quizzes contained within it along with the Lecture.
  • Lecture Collaboration: Work with your fellow group admins on Lectures, allowing multiple users to add and edit a Lecture’s contents.
  • Link to Resources: When writing a text description for a Resource, include a link to another Screen or Recording.
  • Edit Recordings: Go back and make changes to your recordings by adding audio or editing the model. Learn more
  • Multi-select Resources: Select multiple Resources at once using a long press. Hold down on an item for two seconds to access multiple section. Learn more
  • Trial for Registered Users: Registered users now enjoy 3 days of the upgraded version of Complete Anatomy free of charge!
  • Pelvis and male urogenital system: Explore the remodelled urogenital system, including the prostate and the lobes that it is made up of. Follow the urethra through the body, with clear representation of the arteries, veins, and nerves coming from the sacral plexus, as well as simplified testes and external genitalia for more efficient learning.
  • Lower limb: Discover the remodelled thigh, knee, lower limb, and foot. Find improved bone detail and landmarks on the bones of lower limbs. View a more realistic impression of joint spaces and the mechanical reinforcement of these areas. Find improved neurovascular detail in the entire region, with particular focus on the foot.
  • Dermatomes: View an updated dermatome map, which is aligned with current international standards. Written content describing the distribution of the dermatome in each region has also been added.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented some muscle audio pronunciations from playing.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented cloud content from displaying on iPads and Macs following the latest system update.
  • Resolved an issue that caused crashing on launch on Windows due to text encoding and ‘space’ characters in the user account name.
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How much does Complete Anatomy cost?

The app is free to download across all platforms, with access to the Skeleton and Connective Tissue systems. Register for a free 3D4Medical Account to access a selection of the app’s Tools and additional structure information.
Productivity apps: iPad, Mac or Windows
To access the full anatomical model, including 12 body systems, along with the full range of Tools, content creation and sharing features, you can upgrade on iPad, Mac or Windows through a one-time purchase of $44.99 USD (or local equivalent). Purchasing one of the productivity versions gives you access to a 50% discount off any other productivity versions, or $15 off the iPhone app.
Companion app: iPhone
An iPhone companion app, featuring the model and systems, is also available for a one-time purchase of $29.99 USD (or local equivalent). The iPhone version is ideal for catching up on your study on the go, with a simple interface and condensed functionality.
You can also choose to purchase Courses, either with or without purchasing the Upgrade. These are guided lessons through anatomical topics, and can be accessed from any device that runs Complete Anatomy with a one-time purchase. Pricing for Courses varies depending on the contents of the Course, and does not include access to the full anatomical model. Learn more about Courses

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How many systems are included in Complete Anatomy?

The app features the following 12 systems; Skeletal, Muscular (7 layers), Connective Tissue, Arterial (including the Heart), Venous, Lymphatic, Nervous (including the Brain), Respiratory, Digestive, Endocrine, Urogenital, and Integumentary.

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What device(s) is Complete Anatomy compatible with?

The productivity version of Complete Anatomy (including the atlas, tools, and sharing features) is currently compatible with iPad (2017), iPad Pro (all models), iPad Air (all models), iPad Mini 4, macOS 10.11 and later, and Windows 10 computers and tablets.
The companion version of Complete Anatomy (including the atlas) is compatible with iPhone 5s and later.

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