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The Basics

Using Shortcuts

Discover the shortcut views and resources included with Complete Ortho, and how to create your own favorites.
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Using Muscle Motion

Learn how to visualize muscle movement directly on the 3D model.
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Using Tools

Learn about the suite of Tools available to customize the 3D model.
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Using the Model

Discover how to use the 3D anatomical model to show your patients their affected body part.
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Create a Profile

Learn how to set up your name and the name of your clinic.
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Creating a Consultation

Sending a Consultation

Learn how to quickly and easily send the Digital Consultation to your patient.
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Learn how your patients can agree to proceed to the next steps of their care, or to include a pre-consent form with their Digital Consultation.
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Access high quality text information about conditions that can be easily shared with your patient.
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Pathologies and Procedures

Discover how to view and annotate animations detailing pathologies and procedures.
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Downloading Videos

Discover how pathology and procedure videos are downloaded to your device, and how to manage your downloads.
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The Dashboard

Uploading Pre-Consent

Add custom pre-consent forms to better suit your clinic's needs.
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Resending Consent

Encourage patients to engage with their Consultation information by resending it to them.
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Checking Consent

Check if your patients have signed the pre-consent form included with their Digital Consultation.
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Reading Material

Add your own custom reading material to share with your patients in-app.
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View Consultations by patient, allowing you to see a patient's details and history with you.
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View a chronological list of Consultations that you have recorded.
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Your Account

Access your account details and settings.
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Learn about the Dashboard homepage and the information it displays.
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Explore your personalised online Dashboard to follow how your patients are reviewing their Digital Consultation.
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