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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I show my patient their injury?

Select the anatomical region relevant to their injury; then the appropriate anatomical screen (right side); then the appropriate tool (bottom row) — Cut, Fracture, Spur, Draw — to annotate the injury. Tap the Back-Arrow (top left) to go back one step. Tap out of the selected tool once complete.

How do I import patient-specific information or images?

While working on the Anatomy portion of the Consultation, select the Image tool (bottom row); take a picture of the patient-specific content desired (Xray, MRI, CT, Patient’s anatomy, etc.); or choose from images already stored on the iPad. Relate the injury to the imported image with the Draw tool.

How do I move forward to select the appropriate Pathology animation?

From Anatomy tab, select “Pathology” from the menu along the top of your screen. Smart technology will auto-populate relevant Pathology animations specific to the injury you annotated previously on the Anatomy screen. Select the appropriate Pathology animation.

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