Essential maintenance scheduled on Friday July 5th 2019 from 09:00am – 10:30am UTC. Some features may be unavailable.






5th October 2019
  • Customised Hub available on all platforms

    Now users on all platforms can access their content instantly with the customised hub
  • Autocomplete login

    Log into the app instantly with autocomplete login, available on iOS and Mac OS platforms.


29 July 2019
  • Improved User Experience

    Enjoy a huge experience update, with an easier-to-use interface, including your own centralized hub for easy access to all areas of the platform
  • Access Recent History

    Jump right back to where you left off with a dedicated place to access all your recently viewed items
  • 4 New Microscopic Anatomy Models

    Student Plus, Educator and Professional (Premium) license holders dive even deeper into anatomy with 4 brand new microanatomy models including the Olfactory Organ, Kidney Lobe, Suprarenal Gland and Tongue, opening up the incredible world of physiology even further
  • New Courses

    Premium license holders can also explore a continuously growing range of new Courses on the platform, from live Cardiothoracic Dissection to Histology
  • Download & Watch on Demand

    Due to popular demand, you can now download your Lectures and watch them offline on-the-go. You can even watch at 2x speed for amped-up learning
  • Improved AR (iOS compatible devices only)

    Improved AR feature with an easier-to-use interface and smoother object-placing experience.


11 January 2019
  • Now available on Android

    Now you can Enjoy Complete Anatomy 2019 across all our devices!


19 December 2018
  • Portrait mode

    Now choose to view your screens in portrait or landscape mode
  • Improved Video listings

    Improved video listings so you see more relevant results when selecting a structure


14 December 2018
  • Branches feature

    Follow the course of an artery or nerve with the new Branches feature
  • Settings

    Customize your workspace with all-new Settings options
  • Search

    New phonetic search gives you flexibility to find what you need
  • Bug fixes and overall experience improvements


29 November 2018
  • Dr. Chrono integration

    You can now use Dr. Chrono with Complete Anatomy
  • Updated interface

    Enjoy a brand new, easy-to-use interface, with significant improvements for your user experience. We hope you love it!
  • Optimisations

    Further optimisation so the app runs more smoothly


16 October 2018
  • Get what you need, quicker!

    Not only is Search more responsive and 5X faster, you can now search Videos


25 September 2018
  • Now available on iPhone

    Complete Anatomy 2019 is now available for iPhone!
  • Micro-models

    Dive into 8 intricate new micro-models! Explore the Alveoli, Internal Muscle, Muscle fibre, Lymph Node, Bone Tissue, Blood Vessels, Peripheral Nerve and Skin at microscopic scale
  • 3D Heart

    Study a living, beating, accurate human heart in real 3D
  • ‘Dark Mode’ option

    See the model details pop off the screen against a charcoal background
  • New license options available

    Complete Anatomy can now be used more extensively with subscription options available for both professional and educational users. These subscriptions also come with additional benefits such as cross-platform access and over 1,000 educational videos covering Cardiology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Fitness, and Dentistry
  • Multiuser AR

    New multiuser AR feature allows a number of users to experience the same cadaveric dissection at the same time
  • Extensive model updates

    The thorax, upper limb, female pelvis, and even bony landmarks get a massive update bringing anatomical accuracy to the next level
  • Updated interface

    Easier-to-use interface with workflow improvements: new Undo/Redo functionality; auto-sync learning material to your Library


30 April 2018
  • Lecture progress syncing

    Lecture progress now saved across devices, log in and out without losing your progress
  • Privacy options

    Take more control over your privacy settings with updated options
  • Search Questions

    Search Questions more easily with behind-the-scenes improvements
  • Bug fixes

    Bugs squashed and under-the-hood optimization


20 February 2018
  • Search bony landmarks

    Find Bone Parts and Surfaces using Search
  • Male / Female filter

    Filter between Library items that show male or female anatomy
  • Groups search

    Manage your Groups more effectively by searching for Groups in your settings
  • Faster cuts

    Take advantage of a faster Cut Tool with up to 10x speed increases


2 February 2018
  • Essential Anatomy 5 users now get a discount when they upgrade to the full version of Complete Anatomy. Welcome to the community!
  • Minor fixes and bugs squashed


18 December 2017
  • Now available!