Coming Soon
  • Female Pelvic Prosection

    Explore the most detailed 3D anatomical model of the female pelvis ever created. Estimated release date: 2018


11 September 2018
For iPhone
  • Now available on Windows

    Complete Anatomy 2019 is now available for Windows!


20 August 2018
For iPad and Mac
  • Micro-models

    Dive into 8 intricate new micro-models! Explore the Alveoli, Internal Muscle, Muscle fibre, Lymph Node, Bone Tissue, Blood Vessels, Peripheral Nerve and Skin at microscopic scale
  • 3D Heart

    Study a living, beating, accurate human heart in real 3D
  • ‘Dark Mode’ option

    See the model details pop off the screen against a charcoal background
  • New license options available

    Complete Anatomy can now be used more extensively with subscription options available for both professional and educational users. These subscriptions also come with additional benefits such as cross-platform access and over 1,000 educational videos covering Cardiology, Orthopedics, Ophthalmology, Fitness, and Dentistry
  • Extensive model updates

    The thorax, upper limb, female pelvis, and even bony landmarks get a massive update bringing anatomical accuracy to the next level
  • Updated interface

    Easier-to-use interface with workflow improvements: new Undo/Redo functionality; auto-sync learning material to your Library


20 February 2018
For iPad, Mac, and Windows
  • Search bony landmarks

    Find Bone Parts and Surfaces using Search
  • Male / Female filter

    Filter between Library items that show male or female anatomy
  • Groups search

    Manage your Groups more effectively by searching for Groups in your settings
  • Faster cuts

    Take advantage of a faster Cut Tool with up to 10x speed increases


20 December 2017
For iPad, Mac, and Windows
  • Introducing the Female Pelvic Prosection model

    Explore the most detailed 3D female pelvic model available, with organs and structures designed specifically for this model. Learn more How to access
  • Labels

    Select a Label to view its associated structure, and tap the tab to view further information. Control your model set-ups more easily than ever before. Learn more


1 November 2017
For iPad, Mac, and Windows
  • AR Mode (Available for iPad Pro and iPad (2017) users on iOS 11 only)

    Bring the full 3D anatomical model into the real world through augmented reality. Tap the AR Mode button to open the camera, select a flat surface to place the model, and view it from any side and any angle. Your anatomy atlas has never been this real. Learn more
  • Synchronization

    We’ve improved the robustness of our synchronization engine. Now information about new Library items in your Groups gets pushed to your device, so you’ll know about them as soon as they are shared.
  • iOS 11

    Compatibility added for the latest iOS update.


28 August 2017
For iPad, Mac, and Windows
  • Introducing Courses

    Your personal tutor in your backpack. Improve your anatomical knowledge with guided lessons through anatomical topics, created by world renowned subject matter experts. Choose to study the full anatomy by region or by system with our Undergraduate Gross Anatomy courses. And all of your Courses are available across all devices — once purchased there is no extra purchase necessary for other devices. Learn more
  • Introducing Tabs

    Need to swap to a different topic, or want to explore an area without losing your current progress? Open a new tab and continue working. Explore different parts of the model, make edits using Tools, and access the Library without affecting your other model positions. Learn more
  • Improved Cut Tool

    Create a cross section of the anatomy with the new improved patented Cut Tool! Additional flexibility means you can now cut in any direction. Learn more
  • Combined Library

    Discover and manage your Courses, Screens, Recordings, and Quizzes in one central location with the new Library. Learn more
  • Group Labels

    Use Group Labels to highlight multiple structures at once, keeping your Screens organized and clear. Learn more
  • Performance improvement

    Complete Anatomy now runs on the Metal graphics processing engine, giving up to 25% faster performance than previous versions on iOS and macOS.


25 May 2017
For iPad, Mac, and Windows
  • Minor updates to anatomical content
  • Multi-device usage policy updated
  • Small cosmetic UI updates and tweaks to improve your experience


5 May 2017
For iPad, Mac, and Windows
  • Offline Mode

    Continue creating content while offline. Screens, Recordings, and Quizzes created offline will be synced to the cloud the next time your device is online. Learn more
  • 3D4Medical Account

    Your Complete Anatomy account is now a 3D4Medical account! Access your account details both in-app and on the web, and update your profile to receive content and updates that are more relevant to you. Learn more
  • Microsoft Surface Dial

    Microsoft Surface users can now use the Surface Dial to control the Discover, Explode, and Muscle Motion features!
  • Keyboard shortcuts (Mac)

    Access commonly used functions even more quickly with new keyboard shortcuts. Learn more
  • Introducing Import Tool

    Introducing Import (superseding Image Tool). Add images to match the model position that you are currently viewing. Learn more
  • Multi-select Resources

    Select multiple Resources at once using a long press. Hold down on an item for two seconds to access multiple section. Learn more
  • Trial for Registered Users

    Registered users now enjoy 3 days of the upgraded version of Complete Anatomy free of charge!
  • Remodelled pelvis and male urogenital system

    Explore the remodelled urogenital system, including the prostate and the lobes that it is made up of. Follow the urethra through the body, with clear representation of the arteries, veins, and nerves coming from the sacral plexus, as well as simplified testes and external genitalia for more efficient learning.
  • Remodelled lower limb

    Discover the remodelled thigh, knee, lower limb, and foot. Find improved bone detail and landmarks on the bones of lower limbs. View a more realistic impression of joint spaces and the mechanical reinforcement of these areas. Find improved neurovascular detail in the entire region, with particular focus on the foot.
  • Updated dermatomes

    View an updated dermatome map, which is aligned with current international standards. Written content describing the distribution of the dermatome in each region has also been added.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented some muscle audio pronunciations from playing.
  • Resolved an issue that prevented cloud content from displaying on iPads and Macs following the latest system update.
  • Resolved an issue that caused crashing on launch on Windows due to text encoding and ‘space’ characters in the user account name.


14 November 2016
For iPad and Mac
  • Introducing Arterial Supply to muscles

    See the arteries that supply any muscle with the touch of a button, and trace these arteries back to the heart. Learn more
  • Edit Audio in Recordings

    Hiccup during your Recording? No problem, re-record sections of your Recording’s audio. Learn more
  • Fast-forward Recordings

    Jump straight to the section of the Recording that you need. Learn more
  • Content ratings

    Get useful information about how others in the community have rated Screens, Quizzes, Recordings and Lectures, then rate them yourself!
  • Alternative Names

    Now use our smart search to find any structure, whether you search the official name, common alternative name or classic eponymous name. Also reveal a structure’s alternative names, where present, in the title area of its Infobox. Learn more about InfoboxLearn more about Search
  • Additional lymphatics

    A variant of lymphatic classification entirely unique to 3D4Medical can be seen in the abdomen and thigh.
  • Remodelled heart

    Experience our brand new, completely remodelled heart; more detailed and anatomically accurate than ever before! Explore three layers of pericardium, with new cuts and windows for better visualization of the intricate details of each chamber.
  • Reconfigured thigh

    Reconfigured with increased anatomical precision and accuracy, the updated architecture for the muscles of the thigh has allowed for the creation of intermuscular septae, allowing the correct course of arteries, veins, nerves and lymphatics respectively. Muscle origins and insertions have also been reconsidered to match the academic literature.
  • Redesigned pelvis

    Following on from the recently updated abdomen content, the pelvic region follows suit with a redesign of the pelvic cavity, impacting a diverse range of structures from bones to vessels. The new placement of the psoas and ilacus muscles has allowed greater accuracy of the iliac vessels. Users will also benefit from an updated Sacral plexus, an area which students often struggle with.
  • Updated lungs

    Updated to match the upgraded heart.
  • Reorganised muscular system

    Reorganised and regrouped in line with anatomical literature.
  • Intuitive infobox

    Reconfigurated for more intuitive navigation, and Muscle Innervation feature renamed to ‘Nerves’.
  • Streamlined screens

    Introducing a more streamlined interface for viewing Screens to allow clearer focus on both the model and the Screen’s descriptive content.
  • Sleek Quizzes

    Super sleek new look for Quiz Overview and Quiz Results.
  • Improved Breadcrumb Trail

    Improved clustering of structures means more navigation options! Swipe the breadcrumb trail left and right to see the full path.
  • Pinch-to-Zoom (macOS)

    Use your Mac’s trackpad to zoom into the model with the pinch-to-zoom gesture.
  • Resolved compatibility issue with Mac firewall apps that would prevent the app from launching.


1 September 2016
For iPad and Mac
  • Resolved issue where a Muscle Motion in the hand caused the app to crash.


31 August 2016
For iPad and Mac
  • Complete Anatomy comes to the Mac!

    Download it now from the Mac App Store. Download
  • Create individual Questions

    on the fly to easily add to Quizzes. Learn more
  • Academic Review Board established, comprised of world-renowned expert anatomists to oversee the continuing development of our models, and help to refine anatomical accuracy. Learn more
  • Enhanced Textbox tool controls, allowing for easier access to a wider range of styling options. Learn more
  • Improved speed: launching up to 3x faster than previous versions.
  • Improved Digestive system: complete revision of the arterial, venous, nervous and lymphatic system as well as updated liver, stomach, spleen and duodenum.


26 May 2016
For iPad
  • Resolved an issue where Lectures might not appear after updating to 2.0.
  • Resolved an issue where the Textbox text colour could not be changed.


23 May 2016
For iPad
  • Introducing Lectures

    Learn from top anatomical experts using carefully assembled Lectures, with topics for the anatomical beginner right through to specialist. Learn more
  • Introducing Nerve Origin Path

    Follow the path of a nerve back to its origin in the central nervous system. Learn more
  • Introducing Muscle Innervation

    Visualize the nerve supply to any muscle, and follow its path back to the nerve origin. Learn more
  • New: Full body Origin/Insertion maps

    Access from the Skeletal system in the Systems Menu. Learn more
  • New: Add Labels

    Add Labels to the model in Default mode for quick navigation. Learn more
  • Improved Growth Tool
  • Enhanced sorting of Screens, Recordings and Lectures.
  • Higher resolution model textures
  • Ongoing refinement of existing anatomical systems, with focus on neurovasculature and pulmonary circulation.
  • Easier access and ability to scroll between all Tools.
  • Save Screens/start Recordings as you interact with the model.
  • Switch effortlessly between 3D and 2D pens.


21 March 2016
For iPad
  • Bug fixes: resolved an issue with in-app purchases not being recognised.


15 March 2016
For iPad
  • Model updates: ongoing refinement of the existing model sets (muscles, lymphatic, arteries and nerves) and additional modelling of structures.
  • Minor bug fixes


17 February 2016
For iPad
  • Introducing Isolate Region functionality

    Focus on a particular body area to explore in detail. Learn more
  • Added Show Hidden function for Body Systems

    Show all hidden structures within a system using the new controls. Learn more
  • More anatomical detail

    Access layers within Nervous, Arterial and Venous systems, and explore the new Dermatones layer in the Integumentary System. Learn more
  • Enhanced muscle motion

    Fade secondary muscles in any Motion to see movement clearly. Learn more
  • Added Magic Marker tool to Recordings

    Highlight a structure or area on the screen while creating a Recording without drawing on the model. Learn more


20 January 2016
For iPad
  • Bug fixes: resolved an issue where new UI might not appear without reinstalling the app.


19 January 2016
For iPad
  • Screens navigation enhanced: sidebar can be hidden for full-screen viewing, and labels now fade when rotating a Screen – tap a label to return the screen to its default state. Learn more
  • Improved Tips: added extra information for additional assistance.


22 December 2015
For iPad
  • Redesigned user interface

    to be simpler to navigate and use.
  • Introduced Screens (superceding Plates)

    now you can create a screen of the model in any state and at any time using the new ‘Create Screen’ shortcut in the main menu. Learn more
  • Introduced Recordings (superceding 3D Clips)

    Learn more
  • Introduced Sticky Tool (superceding Notes)

    Add text, handwriting, images, or a photo to the model to make notes or compare with the model. Stickies can also be included in Screens, so you can share them with peers.
  • Bug fixes and small improvements


28 November 2015
For iPad
  • Improved performance: now speedier to use.
  • Enhancements to Plates: speed of loading Plates and sorting of Plates both improved.
  • Bug fixes: resolved issues relating to 3D Clips.


17 November 2015
For iPad
  • Bug fixes: resolved an issue where passwords would be rejected, along with minor bugs.
  • Updated Plates: bone surfaces and bone parts can now be included in a Plate.


13 November 2015
For iPad
  • Minor bugs fixed and new content and functionality added.


12 November 2015
For iPad
  • Now available!
Coming Soon
  • Female Pelvic Prosection

    Explore the most detailed 3D anatomical model of the female pelvis ever created. Estimated release date: 2018


30 April 2018
  • Lecture progress syncing

    Lecture progress now saved across devices, log in and out without losing your progress
  • Privacy options

    Take more control over your privacy settings with updated options
  • Search Questions

    Search Questions more easily with behind-the-scenes improvements
  • Bug fixes

    Bugs squashed and under-the-hood optimization


20 February 2018
  • Search bony landmarks

    Find Bone Parts and Surfaces using Search
  • Male / Female filter

    Filter between Library items that show male or female anatomy
  • Groups search

    Manage your Groups more effectively by searching for Groups in your settings
  • Faster cuts

    Take advantage of a faster Cut Tool with up to 10x speed increases


2 February 2018
  • Essential Anatomy 5 users now get a discount when they upgrade to the full version of Complete Anatomy. Welcome to the community!
  • Minor fixes and bugs squashed


18 December 2017
  • Now available!