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Why does the right side panel stay open on the Mac and Windows 10 on full-screen mode?

The reason for this is because our app is cross-platform. Any content you produce and save on iPad, Mac or Windows 10 will look exactly the same on any other device that it’s displayed on. Essentially, we only allow the model to move inside a space that is 4:3 in aspect ratio. If we allowed otherwise, some elements would be cropped when viewing on a different device. We will be working on improving this over the next few months.


How many systems are included in Complete Anatomy?

The app features the following 12 systems; Skeletal, Muscular (7 layers), Connective Tissue, Arterial (including the Heart), Venous, Lymphatic, Nervous (including the Brain), Respiratory, Digestive, Endocrine, Urogenital, and Integumentary.

Does Complete Anatomy include male and female models?

The male model is included, along with the female pelvic prosection model. We are currently developing the full female model and will be released very soon.

What is the difference between Complete Anatomy and Essential Anatomy?

Complete Anatomy provides the user with a detailed (complete) experience, while Essential Anatomy provides a general (essential) overview. To compare their features and tools, please refer to our comparison chart.

Can I export content, such as images, from Complete Anatomy?

This functionality is not currently available in-app. For commercial use of the app imagery, please contact our sales team at

How do I access the Curriculum Manager feature?

The Curriculum Manager feature is solely for educators. It requires a purchase of the Educator License for Complete Anatomy, which is available here. Alternatively, please email with your details and your local sales representative will contact you to discuss further.

Should I choose the Regional or Systemic Undergraduate Course?

The Undergraduate Human Anatomy Systemic and Regional courses are suitable for new users without a basic knowledge of anatomy, students taking anatomy for the first time, or for those desiring an in-depth and thorough anatomy review prior to beginning an upper division course. Both courses contain the same level of content information, however the teaching resources (Lectures, Recordings, Screens and Quizzes) are arranged differently. Learn about the differences between the Courses

I cannot use the Cut Tool on organs.

Right now, the Cut Tool in Complete Anatomy is only compatible with the heart, but we’re working on more organs, and they will feature in the app very soon. You can cut all other anatomical structures in the model, and we hope this helps you in your anatomical education!

How do I access the full female model?

We are currently developing the full female model for Complete Anatomy. In the meantime, Complete Anatomy contains the female pelvic prosection. We are striving to generate a true representation of the female anatomy and not merely a feminized version of the male anatomy as is currently most common in the 3D anatomy market.

What are the Mac keyboard shortcuts for Complete Anatomy?

A full list of the keyboard shortcuts available on Mac can be found here.

How can I turn off the beating heart?

To turn off the beating heart, firstly go to your Settings, and under Preferences you’ll find a switch to allow you to do so.

How can I change the color scheme of the app?

To change the color scheme of the app, simply go to the Settings section. Then under the Preferences tab, you can toggle your interface between light and dark mode.


Can I use Complete Anatomy for iPhone or for Android without using Complete Anatomy on another platform?

Yes! With Complete Anatomy for iPhone or for Android, you have access to the full anatomical model, along with a large library of pre-prepared content from the 3D4Medical library. You can also choose to purchase and access Courses in the iPhone version.

To edit or annotate the model, to save content, and to create and share with groups, you will need the productivity version of Complete Anatomy, available on iPad, Mac, and Windows.

What is different between the iPhone and iPad versions of Complete Anatomy?

Complete Anatomy for iPhone allows you to access the full anatomical model, along with a large library of pre-prepared content from the 3D4Medical library. You can also choose to purchase and access Courses in the iPhone version.

To edit or annotate the model, to save content, and to create and share with groups, you will need the productivity version of Complete Anatomy, available on iPad, Mac, and Windows.

To compare mobile and productivity platforms in more detail, please check out our comparison chart of features.

I have not used the iPhone version before, but cannot access the free trial.

Due to technological limitations, we are unable to offer a free trial to users who have already availed of a free trial on Complete Anatomy for iPad.


How much does Complete Anatomy cost?

The app is free to download across all platforms, and includes access to the Skeletal and Connective Tissue systems. Register for a free trial of all premium features, including additional systems and models, tools and content sharing. Check out our Store for current pricing here.

Do you offer discounts for volume purchasing for universities, organisations etc.?

Yes. Please email with your details and a member of our sales team will reach out directly.

Is Complete Anatomy a one-time purchase?

An Individual license for Complete Anatomy is available as a once-off purchase, allowing access to the atlas on one device. Alternatively a Student Plus, Educator or Professional license will allow 1 year of cross-platform access to a suite of the premium features, in addition to the atlas. For a more detailed breakdown of what’s available with each license, check out the Pricing page here.

If I purchase the iPad version can I access on my iPhone / Mac / Windows / Android for free (and vice versa)?

For access cross-platform, purchase one of our subscription options, available with Complete Anatomy 2019. Read more about the features of a subscription here.

Alternatively, with an Individual License in Complete Anatomy 2019, you are offered a discount on additional Individual licenses on other platforms. Read more about our cross-platform discount.

How do I turn off the auto-renewal of my license?

If you purchased on our Web Store, simply go to My Account and login if you have not already done so. Under “Your Apps”, turn off the switch enabling auto-renewal of your subscription. You will be able to access your subscription features until the end of your current subscription period.

If you purchased on any app store, then you need to go to your app store to turn off auto-renew.

Do you offer student discounts?

Yes, we currently have a 50% discount off your first year on the Student Plus license. To avail of this discount, please visit this link.

How do I cancel my trial?

Once your free 3-day trial expires, your account will revert to a free account.

If I purchase the Educator or Professional License, can I use your app and content on YouTube?

Please refer to our Use of Imagery & Videos terms for more information on sharing our content on social media.


What device(s) is Complete Anatomy compatible with?

Complete Anatomy is available for iPad, Mac, Windows 10, iPhone and Android. Check the compatibility of your device here.

Do I need an internet connection to use Complete Anatomy?

You will need an internet connection initially to log in and sync all of the cloud based content (Screens, Recordings, Quizzes and Lectures). However, once synced, you can use the app offline and your created content will sync to the cloud next time your device is online.

Do you have a Windows version of Complete Anatomy?

Yes, the app is available on Windows 10. Download it from the Microsoft Store.

Do you have an Android version of Complete Anatomy?

Yes! Complete Anatomy for Android is now available, and can be purchased from the 3D4Medical Store and downloaded from the Google Play Store.

How many devices can I access Complete Anatomy on?

When you purchase Complete Anatomy for a platform, a two login limit applies for that platform. This allows you to use the same account on two of your devices simultaneously (e.g. a work computer and a home computer). Please note that both of these devices must belong to the user whose name the 3D4Medical Account is registered with. To use your existing 3D4Medical Account on a new device to access your purchases, simply log out of an older device.

What devices are compatible with AR?

AR is available on iPad Pro (all models), iPad (2018) and iPhone 6s and later, running iOS 11 or later.

Will Complete Anatomy for Android run on my tablet?

No. At the moment the app only works on phones, with a version for tablet in the pipeline.


Help! I’ve paid for a license but I still cannot access my license features!

You must be logged in to access your premium license features. If you are not logged in, please select the green button in the bottom-right corner to log in. If you are logged in, you may need to logout and log back in again. To do this, access the Settings panel from the side menu. Select Logout from the bottom-right corner of the screen. Once logged out, log in again by selecting the green button in the bottom-right corner. All of your license features should now be available.

Help! I can only view Complete Anatomy in Landscape mode!

The app is currently only compatible with Landscape orientation. We plan to introduce Portrait orientation in the future.

Curriculum Manager: I am unable to edit my Lectures.

In order to access editing features, you need to be running the latest version of Complete Anatomy. You can download updates through the app store on your device. Once updated to the newest release, you will be able to edit your lectures.

Why is video content is not displaying in the app?

Please see our video access support page for information on how to fix this.

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