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Project Esper: Our future vision of medical education

With AR mode in Complete Anatomy, you can bring our 3D anatomy into the real world, exploring and virtually dissecting the model in real-time.

Before augmented reality was a physical reality on our platform, we released Project Esper, a concept piece on how we envisioned the future of anatomy learning through AR. Little did we know that this video would go viral, and would go on to inspire medical professionals, students, educators and enthusiasts the world over on our social media channels, clocking up a combined total of over 2 million views. Everyone wanted to know where they could get their hands on this incredible new technology, so the pressure was on for us to make this vision a reality.

We are thrilled to say that we were able to successfully take the first step on the journey to immersive learning, by introducing AR to the platform. Since its launch in 2017, the AR feature in Complete Anatomy has been refined and perfected, resulting in not only single-user AR, but also a multiuser virtual dissection experience, simulating the cadaveric lab without the need for a cadaver.

AR mode
Explore the model in real-time, and get more information with the infobox

Being able to use our highly detailed and accurate anatomical model in the context of their real life environment offers our users an extra level of immersion, while also allowing for brand new use cases for our technology.

All over the world:

  • In clinics, practitioners are showing patients in real time, at a real-life scale, how their bodies should be working and contrast that with any condition the patient might be experiencing.
  • In colleges, students are simulating dissections from their dorm rooms, supplementing their study in the cadaveric lab.
  • In classrooms, educators are able to isolate and enlarge specific body regions and organs, facilitating truly interactive group-work between students.
AR mode
Host a virtual cadaveric dissection with multiuser AR in Complete Anatomy

Whichever new technologies emerge over the next couple of years, the Complete Anatomy team keeps its finger on the pulse, assessing its value in transforming medical learning and patient education, so stay tuned!

AR mode is available on most iOS and Android models. To see if your device is compatible, check out our system requirements, or download it yourself and try it for free.

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