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Complete Ortho

Patient education, engagement, and empowerment:
simplified, shared, and secure
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Educate your patients about their condition and treatment with award-winning, anatomically accurate 3D images and animations.

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Digital Consultation
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Engage your patients to review their Digital Consultation and share with family members, partners and loved ones.

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Empower your patients to become active participants in their Consultation, improving their understanding and ability to make informed decisions.

Physician Dashboard

Smart technology makes every second count

The average consultation last only seven minutes, and it can be difficult to fully explain a patient’s condition within that limit. Complete Ortho offers a range of resources designed to let you make the most of the time with your patients.

A picture tells a thousand words.

Highly detailed 3D model

Explain your patient's condition to them quickly and with easier understanding with our highly-detailed 3D anatomy model, featuring a library of predefined views and customization options.

Customize to your patient.

Suite of Tools

Complete Ortho’s suite of innovative Tools allow you to customize the 3D model to quickly illustrate your patient’s condition. Annotate the model with text and images, or add features such as spurs and fractures directly to the model.

Watch and learn

Pathology and treatment animations

Bring your patient’s understanding of their condition to the next level with the library of highly detailed animations of pathologies and procedures. Each describes their topic using accessible and accurate imagery and language.
Complete Ortho helps you to show your patients their condition and treatment, leading to better patient understanding and informed decision-making.

Share their Digital Consultation easily and quickly

In the average consultation, patients only take in 14% of the information they are told. Complete Ortho allows you to easily send patients a review of their consultation, allowing for better decision-making and reducing repeat visits.

Select what to share.

Simple Consultation creation

Complete Ortho presents you with key screenshots and animations intelligently gathered during your consultation, along with a digital brochure containing detailed text information. Simply select which items you would like to include in the patient's Digital Consultation.
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Send their Consultation to their pocket.

One-touch Consultation sharing

Enter your patient's email address, hit send, and they will receive a web link and password allowing them to to view their Digital Consultation, which they can access at their leisure.
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Confirm your patient's understanding.

Pre-Consent Form

Give your patient the opportunity to agree to proceed with the next steps in their care, or include the consent form for review and signing at home as part of their Digital Consultation. Use the 3D4Medical pre-consent form, or upload your own custom consent form.
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For their eyes only.

HIPAA Security Compliance

We understand and take seriously the confidential nature of the medical information that you will share with your patients. That's why we've ensured that our servers are HIPAA compliant, guaranteeing security for all users. We're also committed to meeting future security standards.
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Track your patient's progress

Follow your patient's progress as they work through the Digital Consultation that you have given them. Ensure that they understand the information provided at your convenience, and follow up with them easily.

Review on their own time.

Accessible Consultation review

Your patient is free to review their Digital Consultation at their leisure. At each stage of the review, your patient is asked to confirm that they have read and understood the information, enabling better decision-making for their treatment.

Get feedback and follow their progress.

Web Dashboard

Your web dashboard allows you to track when your patient opens, reads, and confirms their understanding of the Digital Consultation that you have provided. A glance at the color-coded notification system lets you know how they're getting on.


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