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Complete Ortho

Patient education, engagement, and empowerment:
simplified, shared, and secure
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Complete Ortho revolutionizes patients’ understanding of their care options by empowering patients and facilitating better communication with practitioners, leading to better healthcare and treatment outcomes.

Improved patient understanding

Patients can learn more about their condition through cutting-edge, approachable resources in the app, or shared by their practitioner.

Hundreds of high quality animations.

Library of Conditions

Complete Ortho includes access to an incredible cutting-edge video library of orthopedic conditions, which cover how they impact the body along the stages of their development.

Already diagnosed?

Treatment animations

Preview your treatment ahead of surgery using state-of-the-art animations, and share with friends or family to keep them in the loop.
animation complete ortho

A picture tells a thousand words.

Highly detailed 3D model

Smart technology displays a handy list of the relevant body structures for each animation: simply tap on a link to view that body area on the anatomically-accurate 3D model.
model complete ortho

Simple Consultation sharing

Complete Ortho gives practitioners an easy way to compile and send a detailed Digital Consultation to their patients.

Improved understanding.

Saved Files

Patients can bring Saved Files to their healthcare practitioner for further discussion, and to begin curating a Digital Consultation.
saved complete ortho

Select what to share

Simple Consultation creation

Practitioners can compile a list of relevant resources for the patient, including videos, model views, and text information.

Send their Consultation to their pocket.

One Touch Consultation Sharing

By simply entering a patient’s email address, practitioners can send patients the full collection of resources from their consultation.

Joint decision-making

Patients can review their Digital Consultation at their leisure, while practitioners can verify their patients’ understanding of the information.

Review on their own time.

Accessible Consultation review

Your patient is free to review their Digital Consultation at their leisure. At each stage of the review, your patient is asked to confirm that they have read and understood the information, enabling better decision-making for their treatment.

Get feedback and follow their progress.

Web Dashboard

Your web dashboard allows you to track when your patient opens, reads, and confirms their understanding of the Digital Consultation that you have provided. A glance at the color-coded notification system lets you know how they're getting on.

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Complete Ortho

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